Freshrelease vs Asana - A Snapshot 

Feature List
Time tracking
Task dependencies
Multiple views
Custom statuses
Saved filters
Assigned comments

Why is Freshrelease a better alternative to Asana?

delay predictor

Identify if your team is fast or slow

Most teams have one common concern: deadlines. Asana is a fine tool to manage to-dos but goal-driven teams need advanced project management software like Freshrelease. 

With Freshrelease’s built-in ‘delay predictor’, teams can understand where a delay has happened and course-correct their work to maximize efficiency.

a screenshot of the delay prediction feature in freshrelease, an advanced project management software

customizable workflows

Structure your work process with customizable workflows

In the regular Asana layout, task status is limited to either open or closed. You can’t set a custom status for a task. So, to explain a particular task status, users would have to add comments manually. Sounds hectic, right?

Freshrelease lets you set up custom statuses and workflows. Add as many as you need, such as ‘working on’, ‘planning’, ‘in-review’, ‘revision’, and ‘completed’! You can additionally set up customized workflows based on your team’s needs and establish a standard process just for your team.

a screenshoot of the customizable workflow option in freshrelease, a project management software for all teams

 saved filters

Simplify your work with saved filters

Setting up the same filters every time? Asana does not offer saved filters at all. Freshrelease has the option of ‘saved’ filters. Next time you want to know what your teammate is working on, use saved filters instead of manually doing it every time. Use the option to turn these saved filters into a beautiful board with a kanban view or switch to a simple list view for flexibility.

a screenshot of saved filters in freshrelease, a project management software

multiple assignees

Share workload easily with multiple assignees

Most tasks require more than one person to complete it. Sometimes, two or three team members might assign a few sub-tasks among themselves but are all equally responsible for the final deliverable.

While Asana allows you to assign only one task for a person, Freshrelease offers the option of plan capacity. Don’t surprise a team member with ad-hoc tasks; balance their workload based on availability. This way, no team member is overloaded with work and knows what exactly is expected of them.

a screenshot of the multi assignee option in freshrelease to manage workload in projects

time tracking

Track and manage how you spend your time!

Asana might be an ideal task tracker but it does not have a feature to track the time spent by team members on their tasks. If teams need to bill multiple clients and segregate their work as billable and non-billable, they would need to add extensions through Google Chrome for that. 

Freshrelease has native time-tracking that allows you to keep a tab on billable time by adding the work a team member has done. Track the time spent on each task based on assignees or the whole project, export time entries and build reports.

a screenshot of the time tracking feature in Freshrelease, a project management software


Reports - Take data-driven decisions to improve your team’s performance

What’s not measured cannot be improved. 

This is applicable to Asana, which does not offer analytics of any form. Freshrelease can easily transform data into actionable insights through reports. This gives teams relevant takeaways to course-correct their actions and achieve goals. 

a screenshot of reports and analytics module in freshrelease, a project management software for all teams

Free plan

Choose a free plan that actually works!

Asana pricing is complicated. Yes, they offer a free plan. Asana’s free plan doesn’t provide access to all of its features. It provides enough for small teams on a budget to get something out of Asana, such as basic task-tracking. Of course, it allows users to collaborate with up to 15 members. Additional guests will count as one ‘member’ towards the limit. This is a major drawback.

Freshrelease, under its free plan, allows up to 10 team members to use it as a full-fledged project management tool with ALL THE FEATURES.

Go Agile with Freshrelease!

Go Agile with Freshrelease!

Work in sprints

Customizable sprint boards to easily plan and track all items with a beautiful kanban board. Teams can incrementally improve performance by visualizing progress at every step.

Plan team capacity

Plan sprints for your teams based on availability and estimate effort to help teams avoid over or under commit to tasks.

a screenshot of estimating effort for sprint planning in freshrelease, a project management software that supports agile
Project Roadmap

Move away from spreadsheets and clunky trackers. Draw your vision, get your team on the same page with a beautiful roadmap.

Test case management

No more tool hopping. Our built-in test case management allows you to track test results, triage bugs and ship quality software on time.

a screenshot of the test case management module of freshrelease, a project management software

How can I migrate from Asana?

With Freshrelease, import all your data from Asana as CSV files. 

Can I use freshrelease for free?

Yes. Freshrelease comes with a free plan called Starter. What do you get in the free plan?

1. You can add up to 10 users to the account.

2. Run up to 10 projects.

3. You get features to get a small team up and running.

If you don't like what Freshrelease has to offer, you can choose to part ways with us but we'd be sad to see you go. If you think we've missed out on a critical feature, let us know and we'll see what we can do.

What happens when the trial ends?

Once your trial expires, you need to buy a paid plan if you have more than 10 users or 10 projects. You can also choose the free plan if you don't plan to run more than 10 projects or add more than 10 users to your account. The free plan gives you all the features but has a cap on the number of users, projects and test cases.

Can freshrelease be used for issue tracking?

Yes, freshrelease has full-blown issue tracking capabilities. There is a default item type called "Bug" which you can use for this. You can also customize the statuses, workflow and fields for issues. Freshrelease also allows you to filter issues by various properties and create kanban boards from the saved filters.

Does freshrelease support webhooks?

Yes, freshrelease support webhooks via workflow configurations. You can trigger a webhook to an external system whenever users update the status of an item. We are also working a generic webhook capability that works based on various other events and not just item status updates.

Does freshrelease have APIs?

We currently don't have official API documentation but we can share our internal documentation if you reach out to us. Send us a message via the in-app chat or email us at

How secure is freshrelease?

Our servers are hosted in a world-class data centre that is protected by biometric locks and 24-hour surveillance. We ensure that our application is always up to date with the latest security patches. All Freshrelease plans include SSL encryption to keep your data safe.