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Bug tracking & management

Identify bugs and track them to closure easily. Create customizable forms to log bugs. Define optional custom attributes to capture additional defect details. Capture priority, bug details, screenshots, release versions and more! Prioritize bugs visually by dragging and dropping on your board. Assign bugs to team members, move them into your regular sprints and get them resolved fast. Include bug fixes as part of your software releases and easily generate release notes for fixed bugs and share them with your customers.



an image depicting bug tracking feature of freshrelease

Test case management 

Freshrelease has a powerful built-in test case management. Write test cases, organize them in multi-level folders. Pull multiple test cases to create a test run. Optionally, group multiple test runs into a test plan. Capture test run results and log bugs for failed test cases in a run. Store historical test case results from every time you re-run. Integrate test case management with third-party test automation tools with rich APIs.

an image showcasing the test case management  module of freshrelease

Custom bug boards and filters

Create saved filters to pull all your open bugs and visualize them in a custom board to track all them easily. Filter by priority, assignee, or by any other attribute that you have defined. Move bugs between statuses on your bug board easily. 

an image showing the customisable bug board option in freshrelease

Manage end- to- end traceability matrix

Easily link and see the relationship between your development items, test cases, and bugs logged. Link test cases to your user stories or bugs. When test cases are executed, easily see test case results against linked work items. Log bugs for failed scenarios and link them to test cases. Also, track these bugs against your development work items such as user stories as dependencies thus bringing 360-degree traceability.

an image depicting the customisable bug matrix options in freshrelease

Bug reports & analytics

Build rich and customizable reports on bugs and defects. See metrics such as closure counts, bug inflow and outflow by assignee, priority, area, module, etc. Add these reports to your customizable dashboard. Schedule these reports to be sent automatically to your inbox periodically. 

an image showing the customizable bug report feature on freshrelease