All Features Sprint capacity planning

Gain complete visibility into the team’s availability

Manage all sprint members from one single place. Add or remove individuals who will be part of the sprint and mark their availability in days. This helps Freshrelease tell you how much work can be planned for them during the sprint.


advanced sprint planning based on scrum team availability

Plan work at granular level

Break down tasks into activities for better estimation and planning. Estimate effort in days for all the activities.

Get more realistic start and end dates so work delivery times are more predictable.

automated efforts estimation for scrum agile teams

Balance the work with multiple assignees

You can assign a single task to multiple individuals with ease. Break down tasks into smaller activities or subtasks and assign these to individuals.
Each person can add effort estimates in days for their activity, which will help you predict the total effort in days for the overall task.

Plan capacity efficiently

Sometimes while planning sprints, teams assign more work to some people, resulting in a few overworked team members.
To prevent this, Freshrelease shows you the available work capacity for each person in a sprint. If a person is overloaded with work, Freshrelease will flag that.

capacity planning based on scrum team availability

Collaborate, brainstorm ideas, and share context across teams

Freshrelease helps your team members work with as well as seek help from others.

  • Notifications - Post comments and @mention your team members inside any work item.
  • Dependencies - Understand and track who is responsible for a task and its status. Collaborate quickly and finish tasks and meet deadlines.
  • Subtasks - Teams can break down large complex tasks into subtasks for easier execution. By assigning a specific owner, these can be worked on in an efficient way.
  • Track conversations - Preserve contextual conversations and comments within a work item so you can refer to them later.

Rich intuitive kanban board with easy drag and drop

Eliminate the need to manually organize your tasks. Prioritize your backlog with easy visualization of all your tasks in a single place. Focus on what's important and avoid spending time on bottlenecks.

Gain actionable insights through reports

Find out how your teams are progressing. Know what's working and what isn't from actionable insights

  • Customization - Identify roadblocks and mitigate risks early. Build custom reports and display them on your dashboard
  • Reports - Send scheduled reports via email in PDF or Excel formats.