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Set up a standardized process through workflows

Nobody likes restrictive project management software especially when you have a team with a unique style of working.  Start fresh and set up a workflow based on your team needs, see tasks through their lifecycle in it. 

Freshrelease helps every team with a scalable workflow as they grow! Automate repetitive processes because manually adding them is time-consuming and error-prone. It is an effective project management tool and is non-imposing. This means it works for you, not the other way around.

a screenshot of how an organization can use an easy workflow setup to establish a standardized process

See progress visually 

Often, you just need a bird’s eye view of where tasks in your project stand and understand if there's anything that needs to be resolved to reduce bottlenecks that might hamper progress. 

Freshrelease provides you with so much visibility, it makes it super easy to check the status of where work stands at any given point with kanban boards.

a pictorial representation of the kanban board feature in Freshrelease, a workflow management software

Set up conditions between two actions

If a project administrator wants his teams to make sure that certain conditions are met before moving one status to another or just wants a specific group of people to change the statuses, it is extremely easy to have it configured through “transition rules.”

a screenshot of the Freshrelease an easy workflow setup which enables users to lay conditions for transitions to happen

Notify team members through emails

Get notified automatically when something new happens in a task. With email notifications, stay updated on the state of a task at a specific point in your workflow. An effective business workflow management system will send notifications via email or push notifications on your inbox to remind you of upcoming work.  Customize the kind of notifications you need and get updated only on the tasks that are you are a part of and decide to follow.

a screenshot of where team members will be notified through emails in Freshrelease,a workflow management system when a change is made.

Reuse workflows with just a click

Do you have an awesome workflow that goes with most projects? Save yourself the trouble of having to create it every time you create a project. Just import your favorite workflow easily into any of the projects and start working on it immediately. Yes, It’s as simple as that.

a screenshot of reuseable workflows in Freshrelease - a workflow management software

Connect your favorite tools together 

Do you love slack? Anything is possible with webhooks. You can jump ahead and just drop your slack webhook URL into Freshrelease to share data and make both the apps speak to each other with ease.

an image of how freshrelease connects with Github, Gitlab, Freshservice, Freshdesk and slack.