What happens when you bring support and dev teams closer?

Understand customers better

Developers gain direct context of customer conversations with the support agent and can deliver results faster as part of an integrated team. 

Resolve tickets faster

Dev and support teams have all the context they need in one screen and can reduce the turnaround time, decreasing the feedback loop timeframe. 

Keep your data in one place

Save time and effort by staying away from the pain of integrating multiple tools. Manage all your data in one ecosystem with ease.

Case scenarios

 How can this integration help?

Bug reporting

I’m Bill. I'm a support agent who just received a customer complaint. I analyzed the problem and understood I need help from the development team to resolve it. Email is the only method at disposal. Is there a faster way to flag it to the engineering team to fix it as soon as possible.?

Solution: Link support tickets to Freshrelease bugs within Freshdesk.

an image of Freshrelease Freshdesk integration, where an agent can link bugs to tickets


Customer feature request

I'm Thomas. I’m a support agent who keeps receiving great feature request ideas from customers. I analyzed a request and want to pass on the same to the dev team. I emailed it to them. Is there a better way to keep tabs on such requests?

Solution: Raise it as a feature request to Freshrelease within Freshdesk 

an image depicting how agents can follow up feature requests in Freshrelease, a project management software


What can you do with the integration?


Create & link dev tasks in Freshrelease within Freshdesk

When a support agent needs to report a bug, they can easily link a support ticket to a bug in Freshrelease right within Freshdesk. Easily link support tickets to an existing bug or create a new one for the same. 

a product snapshot of how Freshdesk support tickets can be linked to development tasks on Freshrelease, a project management software


Help support agents gain visibility

Agents can create a bug or link an existing bug to the associated support tickets. They can also see important development details of the bug right within Freshdesk. 

a product snapshot of how support agents have devlelopment task details right within Freshdesk


Keep track of tickets linked to a task

Developers can keep track of all the tickets linked to dev tasks raised in the past. A task can be a bug, user story, or an epic in Freshrelease. Developers can see important details of the associated ticket.

a product snapshot of Freshdesk, an omni channel help desk has support ticket details that developers can view on Freshrelease, a project management software


Reduce the feedback loop between the dev and support teams

Developers can gain the complete context of the ticket by viewing conversation between the support agent and the customer to understand customer pain points better. 

a product snapshot of developers can gain full context of customer conversations and ticket details right within Freshrelease


Get automated status updates as private notes 

The support agents do not have to reach out or ping developers to follow up on status updates, whenever a dev task has a status change in Freshrelease, a quick private note is automatically sent to keep them updated.

a product snapshot of private messages Freshdesk agents would get when a status change happens in Freshrelease- project management software