Project roadmap

With a project roadmap, give high-level visibility of your project’s vision, plan, and progress to your entire team. With Freshrelease, group your project work by epics and view your roadmap by months, quarters or years. Break your big epics into small items and work on them independently.

an image representing the product roadmap of freshrelease

Agile planning with sprints

Work on what matters the most. By running sprints, your teams can clearly prioritise, set time-bound goals and work on a few important items thus delivering maximum business value. Sprints also help project teams minimize work in progress,  have focus and ensure agility.


an image showing the sprint board feature of freshrelease

Track item dependencies

Have work items with deadlines that are dependent on another? Is one item blocking the other's progress? Is one item causing another issue within the project? Be it any kind of dependency, Freshrelease can let you track and manage them easily. 

an image showcasing the process to tag dependencies between items

Backlog management

Freshrelease lets you manage eveything that needs to be done as a  project backlog. A backlog item can be a user story, bug, task or anything that you choose it to be. Freshrelease also lets you create custom item types.  Backlog items can be prioritized easily using a simple and easy to use drag and drop feature. Backlogs can also be estimated, planned and pulled into sprints for execution.


an image showing the backlog of the product freshrelease

Kanban board

Kanban board enables teams to easily visualize their work progress. Rich and visual boards help bring transparency in the team, bubble up bottlenecks and also keep a check on work in progress.  Team members can also easily move work items between statuses, filter, and quick edit work items.

Track project milestones

With Freshrelease's release management, assign releases to all your backlog items and track them as your project milestones. Include multiple items to be tracked against a single milestone and track the progress towards this milestone easily. 

an image representing the release management feature of freshrelease

Team collaboration

Get the right team member's attention whenever and wherever you need help.  Post comments and @mention your team members inside any work item. Preserve these contextual conversations and comments right within the work item so that you can refer these back at any time. 

a screenshot image of the collaboration option in freshrelease

Actionable insights & reports

Know what's working and what isn't from easy to read insights. Find out how your teams are progressing. Identify roadblocks and mitigate risks early. Build custom reports and display them in your dashboard. Send scheduled reports via email in PDF or Excel formats.

an image of the reports dashboard in the freshrelease product

Customizable workflows

You decide how you want to work. Workflows, statuses, item types, and forms - Everything is customizable in Freshrelease. Set up workflow rules on how statuses should transition. Also, set up transition rules to help teams follow a standard process. Create your own forms, including custom fields for every type of work carried out in your project.

an image showing the customizable workflow module of freshrelease