Bring your IT and dev teams closer


What happens when you bring IT & dev teams closer?

Efficient change rollouts

With better context and visibility into development work, rolling out changes are super smooth and efficient.

Resolve issues faster

IT Teams working closely with development teams can reduce turnaround time and increase adherence to SLAs.

Bug-free releases and deployments

The built-in testing module of Freshrelease ensures high-quality releases.


What can you do with the integration?

Create dev work items from Freshservice

Freshrelease is closely integrated with an incident, problem, change and release modules of Freshservice. 

IT agents can now create or link one or more Freshrelease work items right from their Freshservice account.

freshrelease freshservice integration linking work items

Keep track of all work items

Agents can keep track of all the dev work items raised in the past. A work item can be a bug, user story or an epic in Freshrelease.


freshservice problem incident change request in freshrelease

Do change management like a pro!

Assign approved changes to your development team by tracking them as user stories and tasks in Freshrelease.

Collaborate with your development team, get insights into code changes, stay up to date on dependencies and deploy changes like a pro!

freshrelease freshservice change management

Release high-quality changes

With built-in test case management, ensure quality and roll-out changes with confidence.

freshservice freshrelease integration quality changes because of TCM

Better Context

This integration gives all the Freshservice agents  Free guest access to Freshrelease. Agents have a full read-only view of work items inside the Freshrelease. 

Developers can view the entire Freshservice ticket within Freshrelease even without a Freshservice license. 


better context with freshservice and freshrelease integration

Seamless collaboration

IT agents can seamlessly collaborate using comments and @mentions with the developer working on it. 

Coming up - We will also bring Freshconnect integration for contextual collaboration by Q1 2020.


better collaboration with freshservice and freshrelease

Freshrelease inside your Freshservice account

The most common problem that exists in tech companies is a silo between IT support and developers. With Freshrelease - Freshservice integration we’re bringing them closer and bridging that gap.

freshrelease in freshservice

Why Freshrelease - Freshservice integration is unique?

Native integration

Freshrelease is natively integrated with the incident, service request, problem and change management of Freshservice.

Free Freshrelease guest access to all Freshservice agents

All Freshservice agents will get FREE guest access to Freshelease. Agents can @mention, comment, and view any Freshrelease work item.

Freshservice ticket, right within Freshrelease

Developers can view the entire Freshservice ticket right and conversations within Freshrelease even without a Freshservice license.