How to improve your team productivity with task management software

Reading Time: 4 minutes

What’s the first thing you do when you start your work for the day? Make a list of things you must complete to meet your deadline, which is probably a week from when you start working on a task. Fast forward a week, it is the last day to complete all your tasks and everyone at work is gearing up for a huddle to quickly discuss the week’s work and see where it stands.

You curse yourself for all the time you wasted watching those cute cat videos on Instagram. You were pretty sure things were on track, but here you are, with a huge backlog and you wonder how you end up with the same situation every damn time. So relatable, right? But, if it’s so relatable to you, I’m sure it works the same way for so many others from your own team. A team must have a better way to manage work and all those deadlines, and there is!

Use a task tracker. Simple.

A team must have a better way to manage work and all those deadlines, and there is! Use a task tracker. Simple. Click To Tweet

A task tracker helps you neatly structure your never-ending pile of tasks and manage everyday teamwork better. Task trackers help teams save a lot of time and effort by having a single software in place to deliver things on time. With a good tracker, you should be able to delegate work, track dependencies, track time spent on tasks, stay on schedule and hit deadlines. Tracking tasks lets everyone understand which are more important or require more time, so teams can plan their time and meet deadlines.

Does every team need a task tracker?

Managing multiple teams in several locations with a large number of tasks is no joke and is clearly not for everyone. While it is easy to track these within a small team, it often goes out of hand as the team expands. Little things start slipping through the cracks and no one has control over what they are working on. If you think if your team might remotely face any of these problems while working on their deliverables and projects, then yes, a task tracker will help your teams perform better and achieve goals.

Which Industry does it suit best?

A task tracker can be used by anyone. Literally an individual, a team, or an entire organization. It is not necessarily industry-specific. It is an essential tool for anyone looking to manage workload.

With multiple modules having different functionalities in each of the applications, creating these are often divided among different experts who work in squads to finish an entire project. However, making sure that every aspect of these applications is being done according to plan can be a bit complex. Orchestrating the entire work process can prove to be a challenge. 

By using project management software solutions, professionals in the information technology industry can keep track of their progress, monitor their timeline, schedule their tasks better with a powerful task tracker, and document their work more efficiently. These kinds of platforms are also great for resource allocation and overall management.

Let’s understand better how a project management software can help teams manage their projects better:

  1. Enhanced collaboration

Next time you want to know what your teammate is working on, don’t worry about having to wait until the next meeting to get the details, stay updated on who is working on what easily by having all the information you need in a single place. Get their attention to the right things to collaborate and get things done.

  1. Visibility

Visibility helps everyone involved in a project to stay on the same page and understand what exactly their role is in meeting the overall objectives or goals of a project. Resource allocation, potential risks and project progress including data because numbers speak volumes, are all available to every team member.

3. Share workload

No one can work in a silo. Your work cannot be completely independent of others. We all know a person in every company who ends up doing most work while the others comfortably take credit for it. It is the responsibility of every organization to look out for their team members! With an efficient system in place, capacity planning can be done in the best way to make sure no employee is overworked.

  1. Identify bottlenecks and predict delays

You can’t do the same set of things twice and expect different results, the key factor to delivering anything on time is to identify glitches and predict delays way ahead in order to course-correct all your actions so that the end goal is delivered. An effective task management software helps you through the lifecycle of a task including forecasting that a task is going to be delayed.

  1. Increase accountability

With a good task tracker in place, everyone in a team knows what they are responsible for. An increased sense of responsibility within the team sends a strong message that work is taken seriously and brings about an overall sense of ownership in each employee.

Choosing the right project management software can be daunting. Teams need to carefully evaluate and make a choice when it comes to choosing the right task management software. Managing a team’s tasks and time right is extremely essential for any team to succeed and it cannot be done overnight. With an effective task tracker which also doubles up as a powerful project management software in place, you can rest assured knowing that your teams are equipped better to work butter smooth to deliver on time.