Freshrelease vs Pivotal Tracker - A Snapshot 

Feature List
Product roadmap
Kanban board
Test case management
Source control integration
Custom workflows
Backlog mangement
Custom fields & types
Custom list views
Drag & drop prioritization
Intuitive UI

Why is freshrelease a better alternative to Pivotal Tracker?

 Customizable workflows

Create unique workflows for your team needs

With customizable workflows, there’s no limit to how you choose to create or modify your individual task statuses or the overall flow of your work processes. If your business processes change over time or need to be adapted for different projects, it’s quick and easy to change the workflows in your software to match.

While Pivotal Tracker is a lot of things, it doesn’t have customizable workflows.


an image of a man wearing a yellow shirt planning workflows for his project

Test Case Management  

Adopt a "test-driven" approach to development

Freshrelease offers a stellar built-in test case management, which no other product in the market currently does. Tool hopping while building a product can be frustrating to deal with. Freshrelease can help your team add test cases to projects before completing an item.

You can execute test cases and track results within the product. You can also create multiple test runs, to run the same test cases multiple times. As an addition, integrate using third-party automation tools via API as well. 

a team tracking their test results together



Visualize your workflow 

The customizable Kanban board offers an entire board view which your team can work on. You can create, “to-dos”, “in- progress”, “in review”, “in testing” and “closed” work items in these to understand the status of your tasks. 

The advantages of a digital kanban board like this are the speed to set it up, the ease in sharing it with others, and the ability to easily track tasks. 

Managing a team’s varied task should be done with ease unlike using Pivotal Tracker which offers only basic backlog management.

a scrum master planning through a kanban board


Product Roadmap 

Bring direction to your goals

Direct your team with the product goals and achieve visibility at every step. Without a product roadmap, a team lacks direction, access to a product roadmap enables your team to understand the vision, direction, priority, and progress of every project. It is essential to show why you are building what you’re building.

With a customizable roadmap, a team is constantly aware of how your product is growing and shifting at every point. It is key to gain context for everyday tasks and long term goals. 

Pivotal Tracker falls short here and does not offer more than a tracker for your work items. 



a guy in a yellow shirt planning his project goals with a team member

  Custom Filters 

Search & identify items quickly 

In Pivotal Tracker,  running multiple projects, some of them related to each other are organized by tags, the flexibility to work is lost with no choice of customization. 

Freshrelease offers customizable filters,  teams can create custom filters for themselves or for the entire team and save those filters as views. You can even make those saved filters into real-time kanban boards!

an image of a man wearing a yellow shirt using custom filers for his work items


Free Forever


Pay as you grow

We believe in transparent pricing, by using Freshrelease you don’t have to pay for costly add-ons. It is free forever for up to 10 users, 10 projects and  3000 test cases with all the features.


Lightning Fast

Freshrelease works at breakneck speed and is perfect for nimble teams. Get ready to ship quality software without missing deadlines. 

All in one pack

Save your time and money by not juggling between multiple tools. Everything you need to plan, track, test and release quality software is in one place.

Easy to setup

With workflow editor easily create scalable workflows that fit the working style of your team.

GitHub Integration

Keep track of what’s changed in the code for every feature or bug. Automate status updates by listening to events in your code base.


Be on top of your KPI’s with velocity charts and sprint insights that will enable you to predict the amount of work that can get done in future sprints. 

 Let’s get you on board

How can I migrate from Pivotal Tracker?

With Freshrelease, import all your data from Pivotal Tracker as CSV files. 

Can I use freshrelease for free?

Yes. Freshrelease comes with a free plan called Starter. What do you get in the free plan?

1. You can add up to 10 users to the account.

2. Run up to 10 projects.

3. Maintain up to 5000 test cases.

4. You get all the features. Yes, you read that right :)

If you don't like what Freshrelease has to offer, you can choose to part ways with us but we'd be sad to see you go. If you think we've missed out on a critical feature, let us know and we'll see what we can do.

What happens when the trial ends?

Once your trial expires, you need to buy a paid plan if you have more than 10 users or 10 projects. You can also choose the free plan if you don't plan to run more than 10 projects or add more than 10 users to your account. The free plan gives you all the features but has a cap on the number of users, projects and test cases.

Can freshrelease be used for issue tracking?

Yes, freshrelease has full-blown issue tracking capabilities. There is a default item type called "Bug" which you can use for this. You can also customize the statuses, workflow and fields for issues. Freshrelease also allows you to filter issues by various properties and create kanban boards from the saved filters.

Does freshrelease support webhooks?

Yes, freshrelease support webhooks via workflow configurations. You can trigger a webhook to an external system whenever users update the status of an item. We are also working a generic webhook capability that works based on various other events and not just item status updates.

Does freshrelease have APIs?

We currently don't have official API documentation but we can share our internal documentation if you reach out to us. Send us a message via the in-app chat or email us at

How secure is freshrelease?

Our servers are hosted in a world-class data centre that is protected by biometric locks and 24-hour surveillance. We ensure that our application is always up to date with the latest security patches. All Freshrelease plans include SSL encryption to keep your data safe.