Track, prioritize & manage issues

Plan & track every type of task needed to ship great software. A single place to manage the entire development process.

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a pictorial representation of tasks being rearranged by drap and drop method in Freshrelease, a project management software
Drag & Drop prioritization

Use simple, pain-free drag & drop actions to prioritize dev tasks visually. Estimate efforts, rank them out with ease and bring visibility to the entire team. 

Track commits & pull requests 

Integrate with source control tools like Github and Gitlab to bring you more context about code changes made for every feature or bug fix. You can also completely automate status updates.


Track dependencies

Link bugs to dev tasks with ease. Track dependencies that block work progress. Also, track duplicate and related tasks easily and minimize redundant work. 

Collaborate with @ mention

Use this option to get a team member’s attention to a comment. The user is automatically sent a notification in their inbox. Get them to notice specific updates or discuss other important details the user needs to know about. 

Attach screenshots & files

Share information with your team readily in the form of attachments, images or files. Attach multiple files to a single issue.

Update work status automatically 

Integrate with source control tools like Github and Gitlab to bring you more context about code changes made for every feature or bug fix. You can also completely automate status updates based on events in your codebase. No more manual status updates!

Project & portfolio management

Plan & track every type of work needed to deliver projects on time. A single place to plan, kick-off, execute and deliver awesome projects. 

An image of the task management module in freshrelease - a project management software
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Project planning

Visualize the direction your project will take, communicate high-level goals, and outline the steps your team will need to take to achieve them. Use Freshrelease to prioritize work, break down your projects into tasks, and give everyone a high-level view of progress.

Run any projects

Help team members manage any kind of project using Freshrelease. Compatible with all industries and teams of all sizes, be it agile or waterfall, allowing room for a hybrid approach to project management.

Get started with project templates

Entering the same set of tasks is mundane, boring, and time-consuming. Use one of the project templates that Freshrelease offers to get started or create your own.

Portfolio views 

See project data in a company-wide context, i.e. see the work progress of all projects with a bird’s-eye view. With a cross-project view, you can now see a list of all projects you have access to. It can further be detailed down to viewing all tasks across multiple projects.

Manage a backlog of dev tasks

 Work only on the right things in the right order by managing your backlog right. Set due dates and deliver on time.  

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An image of how Freshrelease can be used for task management
Rank using drag & drop cards

Have the freedom to prioritize your tasks based on priority just by dragging and dropping them in the backlog.  

Group by tags

Add custom tags to tasks to organize them better. Filter tasks based on the tags that they have on them.

Group & filter by epics

It is easy to view all the tasks assigned to an epic. Don’t miss out on any tasks by keeping a tab of all the issues that have not been assigned to any epics as well.


Estimating in story points.

Allocate story points based on the effort needed for tasks. Break down large tasks based on the effort needed for it to be completed within a sprint. Monitor your team’s efforts to have them on track.

Time tracking

Project members can log the time spent on tasks. This helps project admins and owners track the amount of effort a person has put into a task. Create time logs, export time entries, and send it to your clients for billing.

Plan team sprints

Enable teams to work in a time-bound, iterative & a goal-oriented way. Easily visualize the team’s progress in sprint board. Keep bottlenecks at bay and complete tasks on time.

an icon representing sprint planning of a team beginning until completion.
Advanced sprint planning

Plan each team member's work based on their availability. Distribute workload effectively among sprint members and run sprints like a pro.

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Run multiple sprints  

Run different sprints for projects. Freshrelease supports by running them parallelly, separate teams can work on the same backlog simultaneously. 

Get sprint insights

Compare your tasks against planned ones. Predict the average velocity of your team for advance planning. This feature narrows down any last-minute surprises during the scrum.

Run daily stand-ups

Bring transparency in team's work using sprint board. Conduct daily standups to measure progress. Use quick filters in the board based on the assignee, type or priority.

Customizable sprint boards

Completely customize your sprint board as needed. Add horizontal swim lanes based on your workflow.

Visualize teamwork in kanban

Break working in silos, create complete visibility between teams.

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an icon representing a view of the kanban software board of tasks that are to be done in Freshrelease.
Customizable swim lanes

Create custom swim lanes based on your statuses and team requirements.


Convert any filters to boards

Save your search queries and convert them into a kanban board. 


Quick filters

Refine your tasks based on assignees or priorities, zero in on the information that you need to complete your tasks on time. 

Presentation mode

Make your data or reports into a real-time dashboard with this option. Project your reports on a large screen or TV.

Align teams with product roadmaps 

Provide your team with direction, starting from high-level milestones to everyday tasks that align with your goals.

an image of the project planning module of Freshrelease, a project management software
Idea management (Icebox)

Prioritize all your forthcoming tasks only when you are ready, keep it in your icebox until then.

Communicate your plans visually

Break down your project into big features or epics. Create tasks directly from epics. Map them to monthly, quarterly, or yearly timelines.

View project progress

Visual progress bar to understand pending tasks and what has been completed. 

Filter based on timelines

Sort tasks on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Be on top of iterations and tasks that are coming up.

Release management 

Releasing software can be tricky, but with Freshrelease, you can plan, track and deploy your software releases

A rocket launching on the right time,  depicting release of software on time in Freshrelease
Manage multiple releases

Ship predictably with releases. Plan and create releases and map dev tasks. View release progress at any given instance.

One-click release notes

Getting context for every release is just a click away. Keep people informed when every change is made.

View release reports

Have a record of all your past & upcoming releases that comes along with a detailed list of dev tasks.

View release progress

Know the status of your released dev tasks. Have a record of all the past releases with versions.

Test case management 

No more tool hopping. Our built-in test case management allows you to track test results, triage bugs, and ship quality software on time.

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a pictorial representation of test cases, some of it failing and others pass in built0in test case management module of Freshrelease
Hierarchical folders 

Flexible folder structure allows you to segregate test cases for easy maintenance.

Test runs

Create run by easily dragging and dropping test cases, test any number of times and keep all your results logged. 

Test plans

Organize multiple test runs under a single test plan to manage testing efforts for your big features, epics or major releases


Integration with test automation tools 

Powerful and flexible APIs allow you to link your favorite automation framework with test cases within Freshrelease.


Smart delay prediction

Never miss a deadline again! Run your projects on schedule. Predict delays in tasks reliably and get suggested new deadlines.

an image of the delay prediction feature in freshrelease, a project management software which helps in managing tasks
Predict task delays

Freshrelease helps in flagging tasks as delayed against deadlines, thereby alerting team members in advance to course-correct work in the right direction.

Get notified in advance about delays

Get reminded in advance if a task is going to be delayed, course-correct, and stay on top of your deadlines.

Get suggested revised deadlines for delayed tasks

Whenever a task is delayed, get insights into the revised end date. 

Progress Pulse emails

Get daily and weekly digest emails of work in progress. Keep everyone updated on real progress, including task status such as on track, completed, or delayed.

Get the right insights with analytics & reports

Gather relevant data through reports. Add context to your metrics and measure it against your goals. Know what's going wrong, identify bottlenecks and course-correct early.  


a report presenting the data of a team's performance in Freshrelease, a modern project management solution
Custom reports

You decide what to measure & report on. Pick your metrics, visualization style and completely customize your reports. 




Sprint insights 

Get the most from your sprints. Make predictions based on previous sprints, advance planning with this feature narrows down any last-minute surprises during the scrum. 

Schedule reports

Keep track of all your reports without having to log into the tool. With scheduled reports, you can regularly receive them as PDFs in your inbox at a frequency that you choose. 

Export data as PDF

Choose how you would like to view data. Export all your reports and metrics as PDF files and use them offline. 

We respect your team's custom needs 

Make your project needs are met by customizing each one while working on multiple projects. 


an image representing a team's custom needs for forms, fields and workflows
Custom dev task types

Use default dev task types such as epic, user story, bug, task or create and use your own. 

Customizable workflows

With a workflow manager, easily create scalable workflows that fit the working style of your team. Set up status transition rules and actions such as sending emails, checking for mandatory fields, and more.

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Custom statuses 

Create your own statuses, define your own transition rules, and build your own custom workflows. Set up a standardized process for work. 

Custom forms & fields

A form is a collection of fields to capture information. Create your own fields and add them to your own forms and attach them to your dev task types.

Custom priorities

Use default priorities such as urgent, high, medium, low or create and use your own. 

Powerful Integrations

Find new and improved ways of working better and take shipping software faster to the next level. 


Bring your support and development teams closer. Link Freshrelease dev tasks to Freshdesk tickets. Track & monitor the progress of tasks linked. Get status updates as private notes.

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Bring your IT agents and development teams closer. Link bugs or dev tasks with your Freshservice tickets. Help your engineers gain the full context of IT tickets right within Freshrelease. Get status updates as private notes.

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Integrate with source control tools like Github and Gitlab to bring you more context about code changes made for every feature or bug fix. You can also completely automate status updates.