What is a team task tracker and how does it work?

When a deadline is set and fast approaching, you and your team will need to work through a comprehensive checklist. While there’s no universal hack to improving work performance, task trackers certainly help teams increase their efficiency by providing visibility and transparency. 

To make it easier to understand, a task tracker is a software that helps you manage all your tasks individually or as a team. It acts as a single source of truth for visibility with respect to deadlines, managing workload, tracking time, and gaining transparency on individual responsibilities. 

Tracking your work right down to every unique task can provide you with useful insights that will help improve the way you work. Teams can collaborate and work better by hitting deadlines effectively. 

What is task management software?

Task management software is used to manage tasks, estimate effort, track time, and understand dependencies better. It helps teams manage projects efficiently. An ideal task tracking software will have all of these below-mentioned features:

Maximize your work efficiency and track your team's performance with a kanban board. Customize workflows and see progress happening at every stage. Collaborate easily and reduce bottlenecks by increasing transparency.  

Manage your work better by dividing your overwhelming projects into tasks and simple to-do lists.  Additionally, break them down further as subtasks if required to make prioritization easier. Assign it to multiple team members and manage capacity better.  

If you’re always wondering where time’s flying, a task tracker will keep you in check.  Identify tasks that take longer to complete than expected and resolve them based on priority.  Make informed decisions as to what to work on based on time versus effort estimate, and achieve goals easily. 

Track how much effort a team member has put into a task easily. Export time entries to clients as files whenever needed. Increase visibility and the accuracy of the work that is being done. Build and make reports based on actionable insights. 

Stay updated on who is working on what, make sure all your team members are always on the same page at any given point.  Collaborate and get work done faster using @mention to get your team member’s attention. A single tool to request input, share information, or pass a task to the next person in the workflow is a great option to have. 

Track progress easily with either a beautiful kanban view or list view.  A kanban view provides a list of tasks and who is working on what in a single screen. Project this easily on a full-screen mode whenever necessary.  A list view works better when it when you want to list down the tasks based on importance. Go with a view based on your team needs!

Benefits of using task management software 

Team collaboration

Make real-time task updates about important tasks with @mentions, and draw attention to the relevant and important details from your team members.

Manage workload 

Monitor who is assigned to which tasks, and ensure that there is no overloading of work. Delegate better and share your team's workload efficiently.

Prioritize better

Don't get lost among the ever-increasing tasks, get the most important ones out of the way quickly and stay on top of your deadlines.

Manage deadlines

Minimize the risk of missing deadlines and set timely reminders for every task, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

Keep your tasks in one place

Work productively by maintaining all your plans and projects in one place. Understand the status of your tasks and gain insight into who is working on what. 

Organize better

Provide clarity to your team by setting clear goals, collaborating together and prioritizing the most important tasks.

Freshrelease: A task management software for teams of all sizes

Most regular software tools are optimal for some teams and prove to be insufficient or conversely too cumbersome for the others, let's see why Freshrelease is better than all of these! 

an image of why freshrelease is a task tracking software that is asana, trello, wrike rolled into one

Why choose Freshrelease over other task trackers?

Freshrelease comes powered with all the features required to manage your projects end-to-end. Let's take a deep dive into what makes Freshrelease

the ideal task management software for your business.

Visual planning with a

kanban board

Whether it’s a simple pet project or a bigger project that you are a part of, you can plan and track every task on your kanban board and see it through till completion. With customizable swimlanes and multiple views, you will be able to comfortably organize the way you work.

  • Increased visibility - Maintain transparency across your team on your project’s vision, plan, and progress. 

  • Monitor progress - Monitor how each team is doing at every stage. View your roadmap by months, quarters, or years.

  • Organize better -  Break your big tasks into smaller ones and start working on them independently.

Prioritize tasks better

Prioritization ensures that time is divided efficiently, and makes sure the most important tasks are given importance. With Freshrelease, teams can prioritize the items they are working on. You can also prioritize each task using drag and drop in the backlog. Set and change priorities, and work on what matters most.

priority for tasks on kanban board

Team collaboration

Freshrelease helps your team members work with, and seek help from others.  

  • Notifications - Post comments and @mention your team members inside any work item.

  • Dependencies - Understand and track where and who your task is dependent on. Collaborate quickly and finish them to hit deadlines. 

  • SubtasksTeams can break down large complex tasks, into sub-tasks for easier execution. By assigning a specific owner, these can be worked on in an efficient way.

  • Track conversations - Preserve these contextual conversations and comments within the work item in case you need to refer to these conversations later. 


team collaboration in kanban board

Stay on top of your tasks with delay predictor

Freshrelease helps you know in advance if a task is going to get delayed and spillover from the actual deadline. This way, teams not only understand whether they are fast or slow but also understand where the delay has occurred. 

  • Delay predictor - understand the actual time a  team member spends on a task compared to the estimated deadline.  This feature further calls out where the delay happens to course correct and analyze.

  • Progress pulse emails - You can keep track of work easily, and every team member who is part of a task will be notified via email if there is a delay. 

freshrelease can predict the delays in the tasks

Estimate efforts using time tracking

Project members can log the time spent on items. This helps project admins and owners track the amount of effort a person has put into an item.

  •  Time logs- Time entries can be associated with the user working on the project. Users can build reports on the time spent on items. 
  • Export time entries - You can also export all time entries as a CSV and send it to your clients for billing.


time tracking in freshrelease

Gain actionable insights through reports

Find out how your teams are progressing. Know what's working and what isn't from actionable insights

  • Customization - Identify roadblocks and mitigate risks early. Build custom reports and display them on your dashboard
  • Reports - Send scheduled reports via email in PDF or Excel formats.
analytics in freshrelease dashboard