Our software will make you go WOW!

Quick Time to Value

Deploy in weeks, not months. Our platform is easy to configure and just works. Implementation doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Fast and Flexible

Easy to maintain and adapt to your changing business needs. You don’t need an army of developers to maintain our platform.

User-friendly Design

We design our products for end-users.
Enterprise-grade software that’s beautiful, intuitive and easy.

You don’t just get a product, you get an ecosystem.




Scales with you

Our platform supports you at every phase of growth, without the growing pains. We power 3 million conversations/day in 30+ languages across 150 countries.

freshworks scalable platform




Extend & customize

Connect your business systems with ease using the Freshworks Marketplace. With 500+ apps and open APIs, our platform is customizable to match your unique requirements.





Hosted on AWS with local data hosting in the US, EU, ANZ, and IND. Our security & compliance certifications include PCI DSS, ISO, SOC II, GDPR, HIPAA.

freshworks enterprise-grade security

You can count on us.




CHampion and ally

We said it right at the start, we want to be your friend. To us, customers are more than just business transactions. We invest in making you successful.

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What you see is what you get. No hidden charges, extra fees for support or other surprises. Finally, enterprise-grade software that doesn’t break the bank.




Support at every step

From onboarding services to dedicated customer success and enterprise-grade support, our team of experts will make you successful.

freshworks testimonials