How Compulink Technologies and Freshworks helped streamline IT support for higher education at USNY

Schools and universities today must go above and beyond their traditional roles to provide positive experiences for students and faculty members. This is critical for attracting top talent and staying relevant in the ultra-competitive higher education market. Student and faculty experience is now a major driver in education, much like customer experience in the business arena.

If there’s one area that needs improvement across the board, though, it’s the help desk. Many schools today are struggling with help desks that are unreliable and ineffective because of outdated systems and processes. The result: frequent complaints about inadequate support and negative reviews.

One institution that looked to improve their help desk was a college at the University of the State of New York (USNY). The college turned to IT solutions provider Compulink Technologies for support.

Compulink Technologies equipped USNY with the Freshservice ITSM service from their partner Freshworks. Freshworks’ Freshservice is an easy-to-use and simple-to-configure IT service desk that sits in the cloud. Freshservice IT can automate repetitive tasks, freeing support teams to focus on higher-level issues that require a human touch. This, in turn, lowers response times and boosts productivity.

In addition, Freshservice maintains detailed records of contracts, hardware, software, and other assets for IT, providing further backend support. It also features a modern and intuitive UI that requires minimal to no training and is customizable to IT and non-IT needs, which is helpful for on campus interns/assistants and busy faculty members.

Thanks to Freshservice and Compulink Technologies, educational institutions can now avoid silos and deliver exceptional experiences.

“Through this partnership, the college at USNY is utilizing Freshservice to avoid the repetitive and arduous tasks for the support teams, as well as maintain accurate records of IT equipment,” said Rafael Arboleda, CEO, Compulink Technologies.

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