Uncomplicate- How to be great at sales prospecting

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Great sales prospecting builds up to a great sales process. If you fail at sales prospecting, your whole funnel will crumble. Though a ton has been written about sales prospecting, it is really tough to get actionable tips. 

We sat down with Brandon Bornancin, CEO of Seamless.ai, to speak about the three step process he uses to crack sales prospecting.

Leads, leads, and more leads

We live in a world where prospects are increasingly hesitant to give out their email ids to marketers or sales folks. One needs to work hard to maximise the number of leads one brings into the funnel. 

However, Brandon goes on to elaborate how important leads are to get better at sales prospecting. 

“If I want to make a million dollars in sales, income, and commissions….what is million dollars divided by my average commission? How many meetings do I need to book and then how many leads do I need to prospect every single day to get the meetings booked to hit the leads,”said Brandon. 

Brandon uses a technique to do a rough backward calculation to do better sales prospecting. “I truly believe you have to five to 10X that number (the number you want on top of the funnel). Let’s just say you need 100 leads on average a week to hit your sales quota and book 10%,”said Brandon.  

So, if every 100 contacts gives you 10 meetings, extrapolate the reach out to the number of leads you need. It might be a few thousands, but it’s all about filling the funnel. And if you are someone in outbound, more meaningful outreach is always going to help you win. 


It’s all about content

Write, and write more. Your sales pitch, your ideal customer profile, sales scripts, voicemail scripts, social scripts, video scripts— write everything down. 

When you write stuff down and read them out, you tend to improve them over time. And the most important of it all is to have scripts for objection handling. 

“I’m not interested, no budget, it’s too expensive, send me more information, I need to talk to my boss, we’re already working with someone, it’s not a good time, call me back later— write out all of those scripts in advance. Take a week or two to do all of that copywriting so then you’re good to go,”said Brandon.

Hustle your way

This one is pretty straightforward. 

“Once you have all the leads and all the content, you need to step up to the plate and do as much activity as humanly possible. Block four to six hours of the day,”said Brandon. 

Brandon recommends splitting time across sending emails, social selling, and calling, among others. With all the ground work done in step one and two, brutal execution will mean only one thing— consistent crushing of your sales numbers.

“You will book as many appointments as humanly possible, you will maximise your sales prospecting success, you will crush your quota,”said Brandon, as he signed off.  

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