Why is Freshdesk Contact Center the best Skype alternative for your business?

Never compromise your business’s security even a wee-bit

A slight trade-off with sensitive information and possible eavesdropping of calls is an issue that can’t be overlooked. Choose a product with very little room for security breaches.

Focus on what demands your attention and leave the rest to us!

Opt for a product that lets you focus on the actual call center activities rather than having to be conscious of your business’s security. Go for a product with a tightly knit privacy policy.

Settling for a call center software that lacks basic features is risky

What’s the use of all the glamorous extras when the product lacks the strength of the basics? Such a product will only reflect poorly on the productivity of your call center’s day-to-day activities.

Leverage the basic and most relevant features to up your call center’s capabilities

Basic features like an IVR, live dashboard, etc. are essential to set your call center on the most optimal path to growth. Use these features whose credibility has stood the test of time.

Why trust a support-centered product that doesn’t have a live support?

Nothing’s more annoying than having to look up extensive support docs when you need help troubleshooting time-sensitive glitches. So go for a product that has a live support.

Get prompt response from our support team all through the day

Freshdesk Contact Center call center software is easy to set up and run all by yourself. Nonetheless, we have a round-the-clock email and call support to help you with your issues.

What does Freshdesk Contact Center have that Skype doesn’t?

multi level ivr or phone trees 2x
smart escalations 2x
real time scr 2x
call barging 2x

What does Freshdesk Contact Center have that Skype doesn’t?

Multi-level IVR or Phone Trees

Manage a multi-level inter-linked IVR system

multi level ivr or phone trees 2x
Smart Escalations

Create custom escalation rules for incoming calls

smart escalations 2x
Real-time Dashboard

Review and manage your call center in real-time.

real time scr 2x
Call Barging

Barge into calls real-time

call barging 2x

Salient features of your Skype alternative

Multi-level IVR

Allow your callers to self-service their way to the right team or person who can solve their needs with customizable greetings

Smart Escalations

Proactively configure your call routing to ensure that zero calls are missed owing to unavailability of your team

Business hour based routing

Help your supervisor manage a geographically distributed phone team by setting up time-based routing rules

Call Masking

Mask your outgoing caller ID to ensure that your business appears local while running a truly global team

Call Monitoring & Barging

Supervise all your phone calls real-time with our live dashboard and barge if necessary to increase your First Call Resolution percentage

Call Recording

Enable call recordings to keep track of customer conversations as well as to analyze your communication effectiveness

Freshdesk Contact Center: Your business’s preferred Skype alternative