With Freshinbox you can...

Work inside Gmail

FreshInbox works right inside Gmail, not having to switch between multiple tabs.

Reach Inbox Zero

Keep your inbox organized with FreshInbox's kanban boards and never let an email slip through the crack

Share Inbox

Collaborate, assign and share emails within your team effortlessly.

Why choose FreshInbox?

Why choose FreshInbox?

Clutter free inbox

Get rid of forwarding/cc/bcc with email sharing. Share emails directly with your teammates and eliminate internal email junk altogether.

Finbox Clutter Free
Kanban boards

Organise your inbox with FreshInbox's kanban board. Drag and drop emails into your board and get things done faster.

Finbox Kanban Boards
Assign Emails

Assign emails to your team members and never leave an email unattended. Sort by assigned team members and see who's working on what.

Finbox Assign Email
Real-time Collaboration

Keep everyone in the loop with @mentions and real-time comments. Stay in sync and updated.

Finbox Realtime Collab

Enable collaboration for your teams


For Sales Teams

We get it, handling sales inside your Gmail seems quite a hassle. With FreshInbox, get rid of all your email mess and turn it into a clear sales pipeline. Assign leads to your sales superheroes and never worry about leads falling through the cracks. Freshinbox makes it effortless for your team to collaborate and get the lead context right inside your inbox.


For Support Teams

Struggling to stay on top of support emails inside Gmail? With FreshInbox, handle your support requests without ever leaving Gmail. Assign emails to your support agents and never leave an email unattended. Discuss and collaborate with your team right inside Gmail and respond with context in a snap.

freshinbox support