Personal Boards

Can't stay on top of your emails? Organize your inbox better with personal boards. With personal boards you can:

  • Plan

    Drag and drop emails into different stages of your workflow and plan your inbox better.

  • Prioritize

    Sort your emails by their priorities and know which one to work on next.

Drag and Drop Drag and Drop

Team Boards

Cut down on the back and forth emails, share and work on emails together with your team. With team boards, you can:

  • Invite teammates

    Create a team board, invite your teammates and manage a shared inbox together.

  • Collaborate

    No more forwarding emails and making your inbox cluttered. Drag emails to the team board and share emails directly with your team.

invite members invite members

Email Assignments

Work with your team together and never miss an email again with FreshInbox. With email assignments:

  • Delegate

    Assign emails to your teammate and don't let an email slip through the cracks.

  • Prevent Collision

    Stop working on the same emails by knowing who is working on what.

assign email assign email

@mentions and comments

Still collaborating using the old-school way? Collaborate inside Gmail with comments and @mentions.

  • @Mentions

    Invite your teammate for a discussion using @mentions and get back to your customers faster.

  • Comments

    Add more context to the emails and discuss with your team members. With comments, keep everyone updated and in the loop.

mention 1x mention 1x