Effective Date
August 17, 2017

Please read these additional terms carefully as they supplement (“Supplemental Privacy Policy”) the Freshworks Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) and will be specifically applicable, in addition to the Privacy Policy, to your interaction with Freshworks through Freshworks Careers. In the event of a conflict between the terms of this Supplemental Privacy Policy and the Privacy Policy, this Supplemental Privacy Policy shall prevail.

1. When you apply for an open position by populating the application form, we collect the following information from you (collectively referred to as “Your Information”):

2. We will use Your Information to evaluate you for the open position that you have applied for or any position that we consider you suitable for at the time you submit your resume or at any later date.

3. Unless you notify us otherwise by an e-mail to [support@freshteam.com], We will retain Your Information for archival purposes. If you wish to update Your Information provided to us, you may do so by contacting us at [support@freshteam.com].

4. For the purposes of evaluating you for an open position, you understand that we may internally rate you based on parsing of your resume and Your Information. If you do not wish to be rated by us, please do not provide us Your Information.

5. By providing us Your Information and solely to the extent necessary to evaluate you, you consent to us sharing Your Information within Freshworks, Inc., its group companies and to other authorized service providers, pursuant to the Privacy Policy and this Supplemental Privacy Policy.