About this Webinar:

If you're a startup founder and haven't figured out a solid CX strategy, you're probably not alone.

But what do the most successful Startups have in common?

They prioritise CX.

In an age where customer expectations are skyrocketing, your startup team might be overworked, and every small miss-step can get amplified on social media : you could be too busy to step back and think about the big picture right now.

But research and data shows that the fast-growing startups start planning early & hence they grow faster. Success is dependent on how you delight your customers.

Want to know how you can establish the correct CX framework for your startup?

Join us for this exclusive interactive session with leading CX experts from Freshworks & Vonage to learn:

- What the fastest growing startups are doing differently in their CX game
- Real-life actionable CX best practices which can be implemented to up your CX game
- How you can identify the most important CX metrics for your startup, why they matter, and how to glean insights
- How you can leverage CX as a key driver in your growth engine

Featured Speakers

Candice Mueller

Senior Director, Product Marketing @Freshworks

Steven Giuffre

Senior Product Marketing Manager @Vonage

Tanya Vernitsky

Senior Product Marketing Manager @Vonage

Soumitra Deshpande

Manager @Freshworks for Startups