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VP, Strategic Global Partnerships, Nexmo

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Sr. Strategic Partnerships Director, Nexmo

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Product Marketing Specialist (Freshdesk), Freshworks

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Product Manager (Freshdesk), Freshworks

PwC Research has shown that 73% of customers deem customer experience to be an important factor in their purchasing decisions. Recent studies also predict that customer experience will soon be eclipsing both price and product quality as the key differentiator. This means that customers will increasingly choose to engage with companies that provide a superior experience across all communication channels. The brands that fail to deliver intelligent, multi-channel, 24/7 customer support will risk losing market share to those who do. 

The messaging landscape has evolved over the last few years, and it now includes chat applications like WhatsApp and Messenger, in addition to the traditional SMS. The webinar, co-hosted by Freshworks and Nexmo, shed light on how customer support managers can go about building a superior omnichannel strategy that allows their teams to interact with customers on their preferred messaging channels.