We are living in an experience economy where customers demand immediate and accurate responses to their questions. This has put businesses under immense pressure to be more customer-led in their approach. And one of the key ways to stay ahead of the curve is by investing in good knowledge management (KM) solutions.

KM is key to the success of your customer experience strategy, as it gives employees access to the right information at the right time to deliver a great customer experience. With the advent of chatbots, you can deliver information quickly and consistently, answering customer queries and solving complex problems at the touch of a button. KM tools act as a ‘single source of the truth’ paving the way for an automated future and a solid knowledge management system, without a doubt, has become imperative for any business to win customers for life.

Join us for a webinar with Knowmax on May 14 where CX experts will provide a deep dive into KM and its impact on customer service workflows and cover major challenges that arise especially at a time like this.


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John Coles

Knowledge Management Consultant


Thought leader & consultant in the knowledge management and contact center space for the last 30 years. John has worked for companies such as Apple and Dell in the past. He's an expert in knowledge management and digital transformation, consulting with the likes of telecoms, banks, US federal government, and many more. He's the US representative to the international knowledge management standard - ISO 30401.

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Pratik Salia

Product Lead


Customer experience professional across industries such as e-commerce, hyperlocal logistics, and telecom. Pratik has headed CX function for a Google backed startup responsible for scaling operations & support functions. He currently manages product for Knowmax, deployed in enterprises across 25+ countries, in industries such as telecom, banking, e-commerce, and more.

rajiv rajiv
Rajiv Ramanan

Director, Startup Program and Technology Alliances 


Rajiv heads nonlinear growth channels at Freshworks such as ISVs, startups, and GSIs. He's a seasoned professional with international experience in the areas of product management, consulting, business development/sales, strategy, project management, and business analysis. He's also very experienced in building and launching products and platforms globally.