“Today, the meaning of selling is helping [people]. It’s helping your customer accomplish an objective, tackle an issue, or fulfill a need.” Michael Bosworth, Selling Solutions.

This could not be more true than in our current scenario where companies all over the world are being forced to re-think how they sell. 

The traditional sales funnel has been phased out - it is no longer a linear movement from unqualified lead to a loyal customer. This is most likely because The B2B buying process has evolved due to the advancement and overall acceptance of the technology.

A major disruptor of the sales funnel is, of course, the buyer - a buyer today is a lot more informed, they have access to innumerable channels of information to educate themselves. They no longer depend on salespeople to provide top-level information and educate them on products. Buyers are entering the sales process much later and salespeople have less opportunity to influence the purchasing decision.

So what does today's sales funnel look like? 
Join us for a partner panel with industry experts where we discuss how the funnel has evolved, the impact of the pandemic on sales as a whole, and what we can expect in the future of B2B sales. 

The Panelists

mike paladino final mike paladino final
Mike Paladino 

Head of Sales, PandaDoc

bryan elessar bryan elessar
Bryan Elesser 

Senior Director, Sales Development, Aircall

francios francios
Francois Grenier

Head of Product Partnerships, Typeform  

karthik rajaram karthik rajaram
Karthik Rajaram

Head of Global Sales Development, Freshworks

bob kelly 1 bob kelly 1
Robert Kelly 

Chairman, Sales Management Association

Panel Moderator

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