It isn’t easy maintaining high performing websites

Monitor your website at set intervals, from multiple locations. Combine that with reliable alerting, resolve issues faster and improve your website’s overall performance.

Multiple Port and Protocol Monitoring

Capability to Monitor HTTP/HTTPS URLs, Web Sockets, ICMP Ping, TCP, UDP, DNS

Global Checks

Monitor your website’s availability & response time from over 10 locations across the globe


Interval Checks

Get notified instantly when your website goes down. 50 checks at 1 minute intervals, completely free.


SSL Monitoring

Monitor your SSL certificate, avoid losing visitors and never risk your brand’s reputation. Get renewal notifications 15 and 7 days before expiration.

String/Status Code Check

Enjoy deeper control with String and Status code check. Monitor for a specific status code or a specific string in your website.

DNS Monitoring

Stay ahead of potential domain resolution errors. Ensure your website or application is functioning at its full potential, with 100% accuracy.

Custom Header Checks

Get through the basic web authentication and custom HTTP Headers to monitor your critical web resources.

Downtime happens, even to the best of us

It’s important to detect an outage or degraded performance before your customers do. With Freshping, monitor across various locations and get notified in case of downtimes through your preferred channel.

Alert Fine Tuning

Configure alerts based on a string in the response, or error-codes. Alert instantly or after a specified duration, in case of downtimes.

Performance Alerting

Set request and response timeout thresholds and define alerting rules. Notify instantly, or after a specified time, in case of degraded performance.

User Alerting

Alert the right set of people as soon as your website goes down. Add contacts and assign roles of Admin, Contact or Read-Only and edit permissions as per your requirements.

Custom Alerts and Notes

Customize troubleshooting alerts to notify key personnel when downtime severity requires a more expert-level assessment and response.

Bring your team together

Designate 10 team members to receive instant downtime alerts & weekly reports with complete control of permissions, sharing, and accessibility.

Integrations that make life easier

Integrate your website monitoring seamlessly with different tools, such as Slack, Twilio, and so on. Use webhooks to build custom integrations and get alerts in your favorite tools.


Instantly create tickets on Freshdesk in case of downtimes, with Freshping - Freshdesk integration.


Instantly create incidents on Freshservice, reduce manual intervention in timely incident management communication.


Integrate with any custom application of your choice, using http call webhooks.


Get Freshping monitoring alerts in any slack channel, with the Freshping-Slack Integration.


Get instant SMS alerts instantly with Freshping's Twilio integration


Integrate Freshping with hundreds of other apps to automate your work

Understand website problems at a glance

With Freshping’s Reports and Analytics, get regular, real-time updates and measure your website's performance with metrics like Apdex score, Average response time & more.

Performance Metrics

Define and track metrics that matter to you with extensive performance information and data evaluation against each Check.

Historical Uptime

View uptime trends in the past and get an overview of your website’s performance.

Incident History

Get the complete picture of a particular Incident with the help of detailed incident logs and outage information.

Outage Analysis

Understand outages and downtime history, reasons for downtimes, error codes, status, check locations and so much more. 

Weekly Reports

Understand how the week went for your web services with a detailed weekly report that is sent to all users

Looking for more?

Utilise the power of website monitoring - Make your site reliable, faster and your users happier

Free public status pages

Customers value transparency. Showcase the real time status of your website/web services. Let your customers opt into real-time incident and recovery notifications via Email.

Real time Status Badges

Showcase your website status right from your homepageDisplay your website’s uptime history and current status by embedding realtime Status Badges on your webpage.