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Freshping vs Pingdom - A Snapshot

Freshping is completely free for monitoring 50 URLs every minute. 
5 Public status pages, in-depth weekly reports, Multi-user login with 10 users & monitoring from 10 global locations for free

50 Checks (Monitors)



1 min Check Interval



Multiple Public status pages

Free (5 status pages)

Global probe location selection

Free (10 locations)

Multi-user login

Free (10 users)

$249 (10 users)


Free (webhook, slack, twilio)

$14.95 (webhook)

Alert flood protection#


6 month data retention



Global latency check#


Extra false alert protection


Top 5 reasons to move from Pingdom to a free & reliable alternative

Free Uptime monitoring for 50 websites

For any online business, continuous website monitoring, uptime & downtime alerts are vital. Monitoring Tools like Pingdom forces us to monitor a limited number of our websites. Pingdom has a mere 1 website monitoring in its free plan and charges 14.95$ a month even if you need just one more website.

Our businesses have many blog pages, web-services, APIs & websites that deserve continuous uptime monitoring. Why only monitor a few of them? That’s why Freshping offers FREE website monitoring & instant downtime alerts for up to 50 URLs/websites at 1-minute monitoring interval.

5 Hosted status pages, for free

We all have multiple services, products & websites serving our customers. Public status pages enable businesses to cut support costs & build trust by keeping customers informed about the system service status. Status pages also help showcase reliability to our leads.

Pingdom restricts businesses to have only one status page even in its highest paid plan (that costs a whopping $249 per month). Why restrict yourself to one clunky status page for all your products, customers & regions, when you can get 5 public hosted system status pages for FREE with Freshping?

Is it down? Get alerted instantly

A downtime alert that reaches wherever you are: be it Slack, email, SMS or over a phone call is what matters. Tools like Pingdom, even after paying up to $249 every month, doesn’t offer any native integration and forces customers to visit (and sometimes pay) third-party websites for a simple downtime alert integration.

Freshping’s free website monitoring plan, got you covered with Slack, SMS, Email, Freshdesk & Freshservice native integrations. With Freshping webhooks, you can now integrate your website monitoring downtime alerts into any of your apps.

Also, With Freshping - Zapier integration you can seamlessly get website monitoring downtime alerts via Microsoft teams, Google Hangouts & Chat, Pagerduty, Opsgenie & millions of other apps of your preference. Why should you settle with Pingdom’s limited integrations and hefty price, when Freshping offers you a compelling and free forever Pingdom alternative?

Manage website downtime with your team

Even in small teams, multiple users are part of managing website monitoring and downtime alerts. Pingdom allows multi-user login only in plans above $89.95. Don’t you want more members of your team to configure and manage your website monitoring and downtime alerts?

That’s why Freshping’s free uptime monitoring plan offers multi-user login up to 30 users. Handling downtimes and monitoring many of your websites and APIs should happen with ease with your team’s help than being forced by Pingdom to do everything by yourself.