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reporting & analytics

Better reporting, faster insights

Freshdesk Customer Success has the most advanced reporting capabilities amongst  Customer Success vendors. 

With Analytics, you can delve deeper into granular details, create beautiful charts and graphs, and design informative dashboards using a point-and-click report builder.

Gainsight Competitor - Reporting Gainsight Competitor - Reporting




Take control

You will no longer have to deal with professional services or System Integrators (SI) to make changes or adjustments to your configuration.

Take control of your customer success platform rather than depending on someone else. Most of what you need to get the job done is available right out of the box through an easy-to-use and intuitive interface.

Alternative to Gainsight - Account 360 Alternative to Gainsight - Account 360


Understand product adoption

With Freshdesk Customer Success, you get in-depth metrics about how customers are using your product or service out-of-the-box. You don't need to buy expensive add-ons to enable what is an essential feature for delivering customer success.

Gainsight Competitor - Usage Tracking Gainsight Competitor - Usage Tracking
Freshdesk Customer Success

Data collection









Multi-dimensional analytics

Playbooks with metrics tracking

Deal Management

Meeting Management

Multiple health scores

Account hierarchy

Task management

Team performance



Health Scoring

Trust your health scores

Don’t settle for a “one size fits all” approach to customer health.

Incorporate your most relevant customer metrics like product usage, CSM rating, custom KPIs, NPS, and so much more. You can even use different health score configurations for your different customer segments.

Gainsight Alternative - Health Score Gainsight Alternative - Health Score


Connect your tools and data natively

Connect easily with popular business applications — CRM, NPS, Email, Help desk, and more with our 50+ native data integrations

Create a complete customer success ecosystem using third-party integrations to bring company-wide customer data into Freshdesk Customer Success.

Gainsight Competitor - Freshdesk Customer Success Gainsight Competitor - Freshdesk Customer Success



Customer Segmentation

Segment your way

Segment your customers based on tier, lifecycle stage, behavior, or any other metrics and attributes that you collect.

Freshdesk Customer Success lets you easily create dynamic lists of accounts and users with an intutive rule builder.

Gainsight Alternative - Customer Segmentation Gainsight Alternative - Customer Segmentation

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