Account 360

Be more informed

Information about your customers are in many places.

That's why Freshsuccess collects customer data from lots of different sources to give you a truly comprehensive view of your accounts. This helps you eliminate customer blind-spots so you can make more informed decisions.

Alternative to Gainsight - Account 360


Understand product adoption

With Freshsuccess, you get in-depth metrics about how customers are using your product or service. Other Customer Success platforms often struggle to collect rich usage data, or force you to buy expensive add-ons for this kind of functionality.

Gainsight Competitor - Usage Tracking



Health Scoring

Trust your health scores

Don’t settle for a “one size fits all” approach to customer health.

Incorporate your most relevant customer metrics like product usage, CSM rating, custom KPIs, NPS, and so much more. You can even use different health score configurations for your different customer segments.

Gainsight Alternative - Health Score

Ready for data-driven success? You’ll be in good company.



reporting & analytics

Create better reports

Freshsuccess has the most powerful reporting of any Customer Success vendor.

Dig into the details, create beautiful charts and graphs, and design informative dashboards using a point-and-click report builder.

Gainsight Competitor - Reporting



Customer Segmentation

Segment your way

Segment your customers based on tier, lifecycle stage, behavior, or any other metrics and attributes that you collect.

Freshsuccess lets you easily create dynamic lists of accounts and users with an intutive rule builder.

Gainsight Alternative - Customer Segmentation

Use case

High-touch & Low-touch


Data collection









Multiple health scores

Account hierarchy

Task management

Team performance