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Our fresh approach to business software has enabled over 50,000 companies big and small across the globe to exceed customer and employee expectations. We deliver on the unfulfilled promise of easy-to-use SaaS software, and help our customers drive clear business results.

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Exceed the evolving expectations your customers have, with contextual and relevant conversations powered by a 360-degree customer view.

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Delight your employees

Help your employees crush internal NPS ratings with our intuitive, easy-to-use products, so they can spend less time navigating bloated, difficult-to-use legacy software.

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Freshworks makes it fast and easy for businesses to delight their customers and employees.

We take a fresh approach to how businesses discover, engage with, and realize value from software throughout their journey.

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Try or purchase our software directly from our website, and onboard in a matter of days, not months.

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Our pricing plans are designed for modern business use cases and affordable for organizations of all sizes.

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Extend and tailor experiences to meet your unique business needs, with low-code development and over 1,100 custom apps made available on our marketplace.

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Accelerate your team’s productivity and efficiency with modern automation and collaboration tools, to get tangible results in no time.

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 Trusted by 50K+ customers big and small

We are a leading provider of modern SaaS solutions that solve multiple, complex business problems to companies of all sizes. Businesses from more than 120 countries around the world use Freshworks’ products to delight their customers and employees every day. 

We aspire to be one of the most loved companies in the world


A culture that supports high-quality work, joy and pride in that work, speed to execution, and intense customer focus.


Full-spectrum diversity, equity, and inclusion are key priorities for us.


Focus on enhancing the team experience by strengthening our managers’ leadership capabilities.


4,000 employees and growing in offices across India, US, Europe, and Australia.

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