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About Ed Shelley

Ed Shelley is the Director of Content at ChartMogul. He is the face behind the weekly SaaS roundup newsletter that has more than 10k subscribers. Before ChartMogul, Ed held roles in product management and engineering, and has 7+ years of experience in defining, building, and marketing SaaS and AdTech products.

The three pillars that will make or break your content game: Ideation, Outreach, and Assets

If you’re a B2B product, chances are your lead generation strategy relies largely on inbound channels that ties closely to creating content. What makes content as a channel more important than ever is the high cost associated with other paid channels. The cost to advertise and the cost to acquire customers have increased by 50% in both B2B and B2C spheres. We’re also paying 20-40% more for content creation when compared to 5 years ago. (Source: ProfitWell).

To top it all, content shock today is real (Take one scroll through your Pocket account/bookmarks feed and you’ll concur in no time) and attention spans are faltering. Growing an audience and proving ROI on your content is a sporadic win and the kind of the advice on the internet is stale and unactionable.

Ed Shelley shares with us a whole new perspective on the content process — journalistic and business case mindset for ideation, naturally high engagement for distribution, and hiring people for content who are not an obvious choice for the role.

Listener notes

[00.22] -- Journalistic approach to pitching stories
[01.05] -- Thinking around the business case for a piece of content 
[02.18] -- Immerse yourself in the industry
[03.40] -- Content is dissolving the same problem the product is 
[05.25] -- Distribution is an ever-evolving process
[05.35] -- Producing content that can be naturally distributed 
[09.18] -- Distribution doesn’t involve deep work but short a buzz of activity 
[10.35] -- Splitting ownership of production and distribution between different people 
[11.20] -- Hire people who are traditionally not an obvious placement inside the team
[12.30] -- Hiring for the content team: Traits
[12.55] -- Picking from different disciplines
[15.20] -- First Round Capital