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Dan is a keynote Speaker, Author, Podcaster, and Marketing Executive, donning the role of Vice President for Marketing at Persuado. Dan has also led global social media center of excellence for 120+ McDonald’s markets around the world.

Make your lovers louder than haters on social

To be or not to be — every brand goes through a big dilemma on using social media as a tool for support and service. Unfortunately, the social media game is changing faster than ever. Brands need to cope with the changing trends and understand engagement and social customer care to truly resonate with their users and win their love. In this episode, Dan unveils a winning formula to influence customer love on social and also talks about how you can ace at social customer care. We’ll talk about proactive messaging on social, choice of words, crisis management and most importantly, how do you make your brand lovers be louder than your haters.

Listener notes

[01.06] -- Social media’s growing role in the overall customer experience

[03.20] -- Using social media as a medium to test and scale marketing, positioning hypothesis

[06.15] -- Managing crisis on social

[11.53] -- Hiring for a stellar social media team and ensuring that they align with the marketing and support folks.

[17.18] -- Shift in focus from one-to-many broadcast to one-to-one messaging on social

[21.30] -- A winning formula to influence customer love on social - how do you make the lovers to be louder than haters.

[27.30] -- One advice to sustain your social media strategy

[30.02] -- Dan’s take on influencer marketing and its impact on your branding efforts