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About Alan Berkson

He has a really cool job as Global Director of Community Outreach and Analyst Relations for Freshworks. He loves to talk about customer service, customer experience, and customer engagement. He also gets a chance to talk about IT Service Management as it relates to our service desk tool, Freshservice.

Corporate Narrative by Alan Berkson

Every corporate story has a narrative to it, and this tale of new beginnings becomes the backbone of the company. The spark, the struggle, the battles, the wins, the lessons - it all becomes exciting chapters in the book.

Who better to give us the Freshworks narrative, other than Alan Berkson, our Global Director, Community Outreach. We had a blast talking about communication, marketing and everything in between - including a Marvel Vs. DC comics debate! We spoke about the need for sharing our stories across all platforms, and that’s what we have done with this podcast.

Alan gives us a sharp and witty lesson to take home and review - about starting startups! If your brain is working overtime on ideating, and you are bringing heads together to start something new - this is the perfect listen for you.


Listener Notes

0:30 - Corporate Narrative

2:39 - Branding Narrative

4:45 - Social Media

5:43 - Employees are your ambassadors/Communication Filters

8:04 - Storyboard

11:11 - Goal/Vision

12:59 - Competitor analysis

14:24 - SaaS align itself

15:07 - Innovation

19:03 - How do you stand out as a brand?

22:47 - Humans vs AI

27:27 - Communication Techniques