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About STS

STS. Prasad is the SVP Engineering at Freshworks, he is a Technology entrepreneur and deeply respected in the tech industry. He brings with him an in-depth understanding of startups, being a founder himself. Over the course of his career, STS has developed a strong reputation for successfully building technology platforms and scaling high-performance engineering organizations at @WalmartLabs and Amazon.com. He also brings a strong entrepreneurial background having founded Aventeon, an enterprise mobile solutions company in 2001. He has held various leadership roles with Kosmix, Junglee, HCL, and Sybase.


Freshworks, the eternal startup

Silo Mentality - two words that are deafening enough to cause panic in most corporates. As one scales up from a start-up, how does a company break the silo? How do we embrace a simple yet effective agile framework? 

In this Episode of Freshtalks our Senior VP of Engineering STS. Prasad talks to us about how at Freshworks large teams work like a startup and deliver world-class products to our customers. We speak about the Freshwave model - an inhouse initiative to help/support our engineering teams. This model helped build a solid foundation for our engineering teams. This agile Framework consistently helps us deliver ‘WoW’ moments to our customers. STS carries an ocean of knowledge in engineering and the startup world, if you are someone who is an engineer, a business who is just about to scale up or someone with a keen interest in the SaaS industry, this is the Podcast for you.

Listener Notes

0:40 - Gartner Choice award.

2:00 - Joining Freshworks

3:11 - Preserving the essence of a startup

6:40 - Freshwave Model

10:47 - Breaking functional silo

13: 19: Bringing engineers closer to customers

16:29 - More on the essence of Freshwave

17:00 - What's next for Freshworks engineering?