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About Arvind Parthiban

Arvind is the Head of Marketing at Freshworks | CEO & Co-Founder of Zarget (Acquired by Freshworks) | 10+ years in the SaaS industry | ITSM Evangelist | Keynote Speaker. He is a maverick and exactly what we need in Branding & Marketing!

It's all about 'Branding&Marketing'

Branding is a continuous process that breathes life into the product. We could have a great product, but without branding it and marketing it, it goes unnoticed and under-appreciated. Without the right marketing ingredients, your product will seem bland - what’s the point in cooking up a feast fit for royalty, but forgetting to add the salt?  Branding not only creates the right impression of our products, but it also tells our clients what we advocate.

Arvind Parthiban, our Director of Marketing here at Freshworks, gives us pro tips and invaluable insights into the world of branding and marketing done right. He shares with us his experiences on how to play by ear and prioritize what’s important. We also get a glimpse into Arvind, the sports-enthusiast, and how he relates teamwork and disciple with sports.
At Freshworks, we advocate the culture of  ‘Practice Craftsmanship’. Simply put, we don’t believe in boiling the ocean, we believe it is being realistic and of course, quality over quantity.
This podcast is for people who want to enhance their potential as marketers and learn things from a man who has seen it all in the startup world. This is for all of you out there who want to sharpen your craftsmanship and conquer the world of branding.  


Listener Notes

1:18 - Introductions

1:48 - Importance of Branding&Marketing

3:15 - Re-Branding Freshworks

4:52 - Story of a founder

7:02 - Product vs Corporate Marketing

8:30 - Marketing for   size companies

10:16 - Global Offices

11:18 - Work-Life integration

12:13 - Football analogy @ work

13:16 - Conflicts at work

15:47 - Founder checklist

17:32 - Exciting times for Freshworks