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About Krish

Krish is Head of Partnerships (Europe and Latin America). He orchestrated Freshworks entry into new markets (Latin America, Europe and South East Asia) through partner channel and designed Partner Program Framework for Freshworks.

Language & Culture - Partnership @ Freshworks

Travelling teaches you about life and makes you grow as a person more than you can begin to imagine. If you are interested in traveling, discovering the cultural richness of every place, exploring the language, the cuisine and interested in seeking adventure - catch Krish talk about all this and more.


As the Director Channel Sales (Europe), Krish has a flair for languages, fluent in about 4 other than his native tongue.  He works closely with the Reseller network which takes him to different parts of the world. In this podcast, we eagerly travel across topics, speaking about breaking stereotypes, the need for surprises and about how culture is vital for a company and for every country.


In the Freshworks gamut, we spoke about how to be a great salesperson and how the Resellers came into being. If you love to travel, if you love embracing different cultures, then this is your kind of podcast.


Listener Notes

1:48 - Sales

2:37 - Who can be a salesperson?

3:40 - Resellers@Freshworks

5:50 - Adapting to different cultures and regions

7:30 - How not to get overwhelmed

9:35 - Travelling

13:03 - Culture@Frehsworks

14:40 - Remote working

16:40 - lessons from travels

19:34 - Language that we think in

20:47 - Teams in Frehsworks

22:52 - Work-Life integration