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About Body

Vignesh Vijaykumar Body is the Lead people experience at Freshworks, he is our go-to man when it comes to Campus recruitment and engagement. He is what we call an encyclopedia at Freshworks, the one person who has a connection with both the Stakeholders and employees.  He also is responsible for Freshworks Employer Branding.


Learnings From Classroom to Boardroom

Leaving the safe confines of college and stepping into the corporate jungle can be daunting. It involves going from living a carefree, protected life that free of pressures, to one that is rife with responsibilities and challenges.

Vignesh Vijayakumar, fondly known as Body, has been through this journey that millions of us have but has handled the transition quite differently, so much so that Body is now synonymous with Freshworks, working tirelessly to promote the company and bring the best minds in the country into Freshworks as employees. The go-to man in the company, Body trains, mentors, and guides new recruits as they find their feet into the company and the corporate world.

If you are fresh out of college, nervous about taking your first job in the corporate world, this is the podcast for you, as Body shares his journey from being a wide-eyed college graduate entering his workplace and making his way to the other side welcoming hundreds of such young adults to work.


Listener Notes

1:14 - Journey at Freshworks

5:47 - Employer Branding & Campus Initiative

7:29 - Mentoring Campus recruits

11:56 - Campus placements

14:30 - Classroom to Boardroom lessons

16:59 - Challenges

20:00 - People skills

22:42 - Work- Life integration

25:29 - Freshworks

27:57 - Challenging days at work