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About Ramesh Ravishankar,

Ramesh boasts of an advantage of being in the digital space since 2008. Over the years, he has been on top of the digital marketing wave and has been able to master and adopt all relevant digital marketing platforms- SEO, SEM, programmatic buying, branding, and measurement. As a leader, he is extremely passionate about measurement, as he strongly believes that RoI focussed marketing yields the best for the company he has worked for. Over the years he has managed web products, developed consumer acquisition campaigns, built brands and measurement techniques and has successfully linked every initiative to business goals.Today, he leads all digital efforts for Freshworks after having a solid stint at Google serving many customers across multiple verticals.


Lessons in Digital Marketing

Marketing has come a long way, from billboards to radio and then television ads. Today most of our customers are on the web and marketing has moved to the internet. Digital marketing has changed the way we market our products. In this episode of Freshthoughts, we speak to Ramesh Ravishankar, our director of digital marketing about this journey. We talk about various digital tactics and trends, and campaigns that affect our marketing.  We also talk about various aspects of digital marketing and what one should do to excel in the field. It is a brilliant episode for anyone who wants to be a part of the industry and also for anyone who has a product and is selling it online. 

Listener Notes

00:44 - Introduction

02:25 - Why digital marketing

6:18 - SaaS digital marketing

10:57 - Are things constant in digital marketing

15:47 - When do we know we are ready for paid?

17:42 - The strategy to stand out and stay on top for a Multiproduct company

19:53  Career in digital marketing

21:30 - Impact of social media in digital marketing

24:45 - Challenges

28:34 - Takeaway