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About Smrithi
Smrithi is the Director of Products at Freshworks. With 13 + years of exp in the market, she comes with strong problem-solving skills and a track record of quickly adding value to high growth teams.  She is passionate about marrying great user experiences with technology to deliver business value.

Product Management @ Freshworks

From enhancing the customer-4-life experience to creating and overseeing a product cycle life span, product management is essential and one of the most important functions in an organization. In this episode Smrithi talks us through the ideation stage to the end, we focus on the ‘the middle’ the phase where everything is crucial for the success. She takes us through the thought process of a Product Director, the challenges, the learning and the team behind the product. We discuss in detail her move from Engineering to Product Management, this is the bit I love. For there was no separate function for product management a few years ago, everything was done by the engineers. The evolution of this enormous and crucial function is definitely an interesting topic to listen to. If you are someone who loves product management, if you are someone who is yearning to create one, if you are a startup that is just about to work on your first product, this podcast that will motivate you and help you understand the world of product management and creating a niche product. 

Listener Notes

00:47 - Intro

02:16 - Journey of a product

06:10 - Freshconnect

10.54 - Plugin User feedback into the product 

13:43 - Startup vs Scaleup  

20:23 - How to sustain a product in the long term

22:15 - What's next for Smrithi

26:37 - Learnings