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About Vinod

Vinod heads ASEAN Business for Freshworks, previously he used to head Pre-sales & Marketplace for Freshworks.  He is a technologist by passion and has a wealth of knowledge in consulting, sales engineering and services delivery. He has worked with various startups and enterprises in enabling their internet strategy.

Synchronizing Pre-sales, Parenting & Life

Being a working parent means juggling between boardroom meetings and parent-teacher meetings, deciding between weekends for yourself or weekends for your family, taking a soul-searching solo trip or packing the family SUV. It sounds like a tough choice, but when you’ve been in the game for as long as Vinod Chandramouli has, work-life integration becomes second nature. For Vinod, heading global Pre-sales and holding dance-battles with his kids are part of the same playing field.

In this conversation, Vinod gets candid with us about how he balances his professional and personal lives.

This is the kind of conversation that inspires you and pumps you up as you head back home after a long day at work, and will make you sit up straight and strengthen your resolve to excel both in your personal and professional journeys.

Listener Notes

1.05 - What is Pre-Sales

3.:07/6:26 - Vinod’s career in Pre-Sales

3:51 - Challenges at work

5:21 - Is Pre-sales relatively new

8:47 - Life outside work

10:19 - Work - Life integration

11:51 - Fatherhood

12:27 - Team Management

16:34 - Priorities

20:14 - Conflict

24:34 - Failure

32:28 - Happy ‘work’ Environment