Use AI in Customer Service To Transform Your Customer Experience in 2021


We often hear that Artificial Intelligence is the future. The truth is that it’s already here, and if you’re not already using AI for customer service, you’re missing out. Integrating AI into customer service can drastically improve CX. It helps identify customer pain points, automates processes, speeds up decision-making, and optimises service delivery. You’re probably already using AI to some extent but using a CX management platform will transform your customer experience.  


The Growing Role of AI in Customer Service in 2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is part of our daily lives. You’re accessing AI every time you use a search engine, digital assistant or online shopping recommendation. AI refers to any human-like intelligence or ability to mimic the human mind as demonstrated by computers and other types of machines. This “intelligence” can take different forms such as the ability to recognise words, images and objects, respond, make decisions and solve problems. The possibilities of AI are endless.

A wide range of industries are increasingly using AI to transform customer service.  The main component of AI in customer service is machine learning for automation. Analysing vast amounts of data to learn how to complete tasks using pattern recognition and knowledge management is a huge advantage in delivering better CX. 

There are numerous benefits of implementing AI solutions into a customer service support team. These include better customer journey analytics, accurate data to report on, predictive behaviour analysis, and hyper-personalisation. AI facilitates a better understanding of the customer. It uses data analysis to continuously learn and improve, while gaining a highly accurate understanding of your customers. 

Artificial Intelligence is consistently evolving to improve customer experience. Examples include the use of customer data to recommend the next best actions or using these insights to anticipate the needs of other customers. AI applications contribute to quantifiable results in CX, such as a reduction in negative comments on social media, faster ticket resolution, and lower contacts per order. By reducing reliance on humans and making the switch to AI, organisations can provide a more responsive customer service.


How AI in Customer Service Delivers Competitive Advantage 

Integrating Artificial Intelligence into your customer service support gives you a major competitive advantage. Your competitors might already be using AI, but whether they are using it to its full potential is an entirely different matter. Many companies still struggle to have a 360-degree view of their customers. At its most fundamental level, AI can help you find the right data to serve your customers. This data includes different metrics, such as customer sentiment, behaviour or previous interactions with your organisation.

For most companies, siloed or inaccessible internal data is an obstacle they can’t seem to overcome. Instead, they rely on less secure external data, which doesn’t relate to the customer’s journey. AI builds a rich knowledge repository of previous customer interactions, common behaviour patterns, and answers to frequently asked questions. This repository informs everything from chatbot responses to product recommendations and suggestions for what actions a customer should take. 

AI delivers a more customer-centric service. It gives customers more choice and control by providing multiple touchpoints (text, voice, and gesture) along their journey. An omnichannel approach to AI is the key to customer engagement. It’s no longer enough to rely on voice and email alone, so real-time web chats and social networks have become leading channels of communication. 

Many companies still rely on disparate CX systems that focus on individual components of the customer journey, such as churn prediction and analytics. However, these systems lack the integration necessary to provide a comprehensive and proactive customer service and disrupt smooth workflow for agents.  

Getting Started with AI for CX

Are you interested in finding ways to improve your customer experience with AI? It’s important to start with an assessment of your current processes and capabilities. You need to identify any skills, knowledge or technology gaps before implementing any AI project ideas. Freshworks has developed an AI Maturity quiz to provide a framework for assessing your readiness and capabilities. 

The quiz will take you through several questions covering different aspects of your customer service duties, technology, and approach. It starts with basic information such as the number of tickets you handle a month, the size of your team, the channels you use, and how you assign conversation. It then starts to focus on aspects of CX delivery including how you measure data, track and reward agent performance, your objectives for the year, and tools you use to manage customer complaints. Our AI maturity model follows stages relating to a CX department’s ability to operate and fine-tune AI towards their goals.

The six-layer maturity model maps the path to customer engagement using Artificial Intelligence. These layers start at the most basic level (Data Representation) and ascend to the sixth layer (Autopilot). At this top layer, AI goes beyond merely recommending actions and instead, performs these actions as a human agent would. Most systems today are somewhere in the middle (Ranking and Relevance Layer). For more information on this AI maturity model, why not read this blog post for more information on AI Maturity?

It’s always worth identifying ways you can implement AI solutions to improve CX. If you would like to learn your organisation’s current customer service maturity, take the quiz to access your AI maturity today. 


How Freshdesk Can Deliver Better CX for your Business Through AI 

Freshdesk makes it easy to use AI in customer service. It provides a single platform to manage all aspects of customer CX. Agents from all around the world can collaborate via an intuitive interface that automatically assigns tickets to different support teams. Case classification and smart routing algorithms ensure agents receive the tickets that match their competencies, such as product support or tech support. You can use a single account to manage multiple brands and products. It seamlessly integrates with multiple channels to meet your customers where they are, on their terms. 


Manage Demand with AI Solutions from Freshdesk 

When you’re inundated with tickets, you need a system that can efficiently prioritise them. Freshdesk intelligently routes conversations to the right people. 

We’ve developed AI-based systems that can instantly respond to customer requests. Context-aware AI sifts through complex data and knowledge base articles, analyses the customer’s association with the brand, interprets their query, and provides an answer within seconds. These low turnaround times lead to high CSAT scores, a better perception of the brand’s ability to handle future issues, and a reduction in churn.

FreshDesk has different level packages depending on the size, objectives, and AI maturity of the business. It can help with whatever level of implementation is right for your business.


Identify Customer Issues with Chatbots and Ticketing Solutions 

Some customers prefer to solve problems on their own. Self-service empowers customers to solve problems anywhere, at any time, on any device. Chatbots such as Freshchat can also proactively assist customers by anticipating what they need. For example, AI notices if customers are inactive on a page for a while, prompting chatbots to start a conversation. Similarly, they can be programmed to appear after customers scroll past a certain point on a web page. 

Chatbots also identify the context of a customer enquiry. This lets agents pick up where the chatbot left off, saving the customer the inconvenience of explaining the issue again. In addition to identifying customer issues, chatbots can build mailing lists and provide product suggestions.


Implement Better Customer Service Analytics to Improve overall CX

AI-generated insights into customer behaviour can increase profits and improve return on investment (ROI). Most organisations view customer experience as a key differentiator, so getting it right is essential. But to get a full picture of your customers’ experience, you need hard data. 

Customer service analytics detail someone’s history with your company and map their entire customer journey. You gain insight into the typical paths that yield the most satisfaction, bottlenecks, and the problematic touchpoints. Customer analytics can also predict future issues that might arise.

The best CX platforms capture data from multiple sources and have APIs that allow you to share the data with other systems. Freshdesk integrates with Google Analytics and all the other channels your customer uses to gather detailed data. This gives you a bird’s eye view of customer experience and its impact on your organisation.


Use AI to Understand Customers & Offer Response Suggestions

Freshdesk uses Artificial Intelligence for pattern recognition to deal with similar queries and provide agents with canned responses. Natural language processing algorithms and AI handle the most commonly repeated tasks. Chatbots identify customers’ needs and respond by suggesting articles from your knowledge base. This also frees up precious time for your team to spend on resolving issues that require human assistance.


Choosing the Right AI Solution for Your Business

AI isn’t just a buzzword that remains out of reach. It’s a tool to activate better productivity, customer satisfaction, and positive brand recognition. Customers respond well to the personalised and consistent experiences that artificial intelligence delivers. 

AI for customer service is an accessible and straightforward solution. As experts in customer service automation, Freshdesk can help you on your path to AI maturity

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