Freshmarketer powers your marketing lifecycle end-to-end


Gain more qualified leads with conversion optimization. Improve your website, optimize its performance, and make the most of your traffic, to drive more signups.


Nurture your customer relationships with powerful email marketing. Design, develop and send captivating emails that are relevant, personalized and highly targeted.


Prioritize long term profitability and improve your retention. Add more value for your customers, convert them into brand advocates, delight and retain them with powerful automation.

Why choose Freshmarketer?

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Better leads, more sales with conversion optimization
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Create responsive, beautiful, and effective emails
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Advanced targeting for website and emails
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Powerful automation with customer journeys
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Tighter integration between marketing and sales
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Featured-packed marketing automation software

Email Marketing

Nurture, grow or engage with your audience using powerful email marketing. Schedule personalized, and responsive emails that delight your audience and deliver successful campaigns.

Marketing Automation

Build and scale your marketing efforts with Freshmarketer’s robust automation capabilities. Create automated customer journeys that help you convert faster, and increase sales.

Conversion Optimization

Follow Freshmarketer’s structured approach to optimizing your website. Analyze your visitors' behavior, experiment with your web pages and personalize them for better conversions.

CRM Integration

Track your audience journey, from leads to becoming customers using real-time sync with Freshsales CRM. Gain deeper visibility into the performance of your marketing and sales campaigns.

Round-the-clock support

Our support team is your go-to when you want help with optimizing your website or automate your marketing with Freshmarketer. We are available via phone, chat, and email irrespective of your plan.

Supercharge your sales and marketing teams

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