Bots & Workflows
Using the Slack app for Freshdesk allows you to keep various groups on Slack updated about the status of tickets in your helpdesk.
Office 365
The Office 365 app for Freshdesk allows you to change ticket priority, assign agents, update ticket status, and open Freshdesk ticket right from your Outlook account without logging into Freshdesk.
Google Hangouts Chat
Receive notifications in Google Hangouts Chat whenever there's an update on the tickets you are assigned to.
Auto Ticket Merger
This app automatically merges tickets created by the same customer during a certain time span.
Asana app for Freshdesk helps you to access project details and add your Freshdesk tickets into Asana as tasks for easier tracking and follow up.
QR codes for tickets
Quickly access tickets from your mobile browser without having to copy-paste or remember links.
Create powerful workflows and get more done with 'smart', shared task lists.
Zingtree Agent Scripting
Include Agent Script Decision Trees inside Freshdesk. Ideal for live support & call centers.
Installing the Flock app for Freshdesk would notify you in Flock every time a ticket or a contact is created or updated
Required fields based on the option
Customize the required fields of every ticket based on pre-determined ticket properties.
Yodiz (New)
The Yodiz app for Freshdesk allows you to create/add Issues and User Stories into Yodiz directly from Freshdesk.
Podio Tasks
This app enables you to manage Podio tasks in Freshdesk.
Auto-assign Freshdesk tickets that are about specific topics to selected agents or groups.
WeChat Connect
Seamlessly connect your Official WeChat account to your Freshdesk Account and connect with over 800M WeChat users.
Workato is an enterprise-class, Integration and Automation platform that is trusted by over 18,000 businesses. Do bi-directional syncs and workflow automation between Freshdesk and up to 1000+ apps with no coding required.
Cloud Integration SaaS Platform Portal helps organizations streamline processes between Customer Support that uses Freshdesk, Help Desk Software and VSTSO - Team Services (off-premise) | Team Foundation Server (on-premise).
Create in-app integrations using our platform, designed for both developers and non-developers.
Zapier lets you automate tasks between online applications. You can create Zaps that uses an action in one app as a trigger to perform an action in another app.