Data Sync & Migration
Migrate from Zendesk App
This tool helps you migrate all your support tickets, conversations and more from your Zendesk account to Freshdesk with ease
Microsoft Outlook Contacts
Installing the Microsoft Outlook Contacts app will help you to easily synchronize contacts between your Outlook and Freshdesk account.
Gmail Migration App
This tool helps you seamlessly migrate your emails from Gmail and provides agents the context they need without having to manually forward older threads to the helpdesk.
Export Customer Profile
Exports all information about a particular customer in a downloadable CSV file.
Manage iContact mailing lists, contact information and campaigns inside your Freshdesk account
Sync Ticket Field from Freshchat
Sync ticket fields and their dropdown values from Freshchat to Freshdesk with this integration.
Intercom Integration
Intercom for Freshdesk allows your agents to provide contextual support to your customers.
SSIS Productivity Pack
Integrate Freshdesk with apps like Dynamics 365, Jira, etc. with the SSIS Productivity Pack in seconds.
Cloud Integration SaaS Platform Portal helps organizations streamline processes between Customer Support that uses Freshdesk, Help Desk Software and VSTSO - Team Services (off-premise) | Team Foundation Server (on-premise).
APIGUM is the preferred developer way for moving data between cloud based applications. Through APIGUM you will create triggers and actions and map those two together using JavaScript. All is web based no installation required.
Help Desk Migration | Import to Freshdesk
Help Desk Migration is an intuitive import tool for Freshdesk that needs no programming skills.
Dynamics 365 CRM Integration
Quickly integrate Freshdesk with Dynamics 365.
DummyHub provides dummy data (sample data / test data) for Freshdesk developers.
Pay CSRs on a per ticket basis. Performance based Customer Support by Helpware.
LeadSquared Freshdesk connector synchronises the tickets between LeadSquared and Freshdesk.
The Freshdesk connector gives you access to all of your ticket data in Popdock.
Marketo via PieSync
PieSync integrates Marketo with Freshdesk for an intelligent and automatic 2-way contact sync.
FullContact 2.0
With FullContact, syncing of your existing contacts and updating them is just a click away