Issue Tracking & Alerts
Atlassian JIRA
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Create and access Atlassian JIRA tickets from your Freshdesk account
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Collaborate and keep your teams in sync by creating and linking tickets into Trello cards
Atlassian Jira Plus
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Link Freshdesk and JIRA accounts to associate JIRA issues with Freshdesk tickets.
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Asana app for Freshdesk helps you to access project details and add your Freshdesk tickets into Asana as tasks for easier tracking and follow up.
Ticket Reminder
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Set up email reminders to follow up with your customer's tickets.
Freshservice App for Freshdesk
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Easily transfer customer support issues into your servicedesk that needs attention by the internal teams such as devs, process owners, admins etc.
Pivotal Tracker Integration
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Pivotal Tracker is a Project Management tool which is used by small/big teams to track the tasks created.
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Create and access product returns (RMAs) in SupportSync from Freshdesk.
Moesif API Analytics
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Enable customer success teams to onboard new customers faster and debug integration issues quickly
Yodiz (New)
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The Yodiz app for Freshdesk allows you to create/add Issues and User Stories into Yodiz directly from Freshdesk.
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VSTS helps you create a work item from a Freshdesk ticket into VSTS for easier tracking and follow-up.
GitHub-MintUI Integration
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The GitHub app will give you access to all your online repositories and promote team collaboration.
Workato is an enterprise-class, Integration and Automation platform that is trusted by over 18,000 businesses. Do bi-directional syncs and workflow automation between Freshdesk and up to 1000+ apps with no coding required.
Integration between Freshdesk and Auvik can be set up for two-way communication.
AlertFind Data Import Connector
Make Data Import a breeze, with the AlertFind-Freshdesk Connector.
AlertFind - Alert Notifications
The Freshdesk connector enables you to trigger AlertFind notifications when a ticket is created.
Instant search and trend for Freshdesk Tickets
Customer Support Managers use Cx MOMENTS Search and Discovery to instantly find and trend customer tickets and interactions related to any specific topics.
The most intuitive way of collecting Real-Time Insights throughout the entire mobile app lifecycle.