Knowledge & Content Management
Get access to all your files and attachments from your Dropbox account inside your Freshdesk instance
Google Drive
Get access to all your files and attachments from your Google Drive account inside your Freshdesk account
Get access to all your files and attachments from your OneDrive account inside your Freshdesk instance.
Requester Info Plus
Customizable ticket field app displays relevant information about the requester in Freshdesk.
FreshEngage Trial
AI to find solutions faster and save time by auto tagging, assigning and categorizing Freshdesk tickets.
Bridge portal
Make your support portal perfect with the powerful and versatile Bridge theme for Freshdesk. 675+ Font Awesome icons and additional formatting options are included.
Casey portal
Leave an impeccably trustworthy impression on your users with the unobtrusive and graceful Casey template for Freshdesk support portal.
Otay knowledge base theme
Make your knowledge base content easier to read and navigate with the Otay theme for Freshdesk.
Professional Email Signature Manager for Freshdesk Support Agents
Help Desk Migration | Import to Freshdesk
The easiest way to transfer your data from different help desk systems. Now migration to Freshdesk is simple and fast. Import to Freshdesk without efforts.
AnswerDash offers SaaS‐based, contextual self-service so customers can find answers quickly and easily without navigating to a ‘help island’.
AI for your Agents, find solutions faster, save time by auto tagging, assigning and categorizing.
iorad - 10X Faster Solution Article Maker
Capture every step of a process and instantly publish a Freshdesk solution article.
Gather all your data in one place and get lightning fast analytics without help from IT.
Concord portal
Improve your Freshdesk support portal with the modern and elegant-looking Concord template. It makes knowledge bases with small and large amounts of content attractive and easier to use.
Using elevio, you can receive new support tickets from any page of your site, and allow your users to view and reply to any of their existing support tickets.
Frio Theme
Make your Freshdesk support portal professional-looking and user-friendly by installing this ready-to-use Frio theme. It allows you to benefit from additional formatting features and is easy to modify and maintain.
Integrating Localize with Freshdesk provides a fastest and easiest way to translate your helpdesk to support your global customers.