Reporting & Analytics
Google Analytics
Harness the power of Google Analytics to understand what customers are looking for in your support portal, which solution articles get the most traffic and improve customer service
LogMeIn Rescue
Bring in the added functionality of providing remote support to your customers with the use of the LogMeIn app for Freshdesk.
Agent Ticket Tracker
Agent Ticket Tracker for Freshdesk generates graphs to analyze the status of tickets in Freshdesk.
AHT Plus
Calculate the Average Handling Time of tickets by agents in Freshdesk.
GDPR Assistant
GDPR Assistant will help you keep the data in your Freshdesk account GDPR compliant!
Moesif API Analytics
Enable customer success teams to onboard new customers faster and debug integration issues quickly
Get important analytics data for all you Freshdesk ticket as interactive dashboards on Brightgauge.
Grow allows you to visualize your Freshdesk data in an efficient and effective way.
Track the quality of your customer service with Nicereply – an all-in-one customer satisfaction survey tool built for Freshdesk. Get more feedback from your customers with personalized CSAT, NPS and CES surveys.
Instant search and trend for Freshdesk Tickets
Customer Support Managers use Cx MOMENTS Search and Discovery to instantly find and trend customer tickets and interactions related to any specific topics.
eazyBI for Freshdesk
eazyBI for Freshdesk is a powerful web-based data visualization, analysis, reports & dashboards app.
appNeura- Digital Experience Monitoring
appNeura’s integration with the Freshdesk dashboard forms a formidable combination of speed and ease for Customer Service Managers- It helps them track issues in real time and raise tickets instantly.
Integrating your Appbot account with Freshdesk allows you to automate a large part of your review management workflow. Assign specific teams and team members the app reviews that are relevant to them.
Natero helps SaaS businesses reduce churn and accelerate growth. Natero's combination of proactive alerting, health monitoring, and lifecycle management enable Customer Success teams to improve customer retention and maximize Customer Lifetime Value.
Automatically trigger an AskNicely customer feedback survey based on activity in Freshdesk.
PlayVox Quality Assurance
Streamline your Quality Assurance program. Spreadsheets are manual, time-consuming and inefficient. With PlayVox you can run your QA, Coaching, Training and Motivation programs in one centralized place.
Amity provides Customer Success teams with the technology they need to retain and grow their customers at scale.
Auto-export Freshdesk data to Google Sheets, Excel Online and CSVs in Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, etc.