Social Media & Channels
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ChannelReply lets you manage eBay and Amazon messages as threaded Freshdesk tickets, with additional info from marketplace.
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Integrate Instagram with Freshdesk to enable teams to manage Instagram comments from Freshdesk.
WhatsApp (Early Access)
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Integrate your business number with your Freshdesk account and support customers over WhatsApp.
Playstore - Freshdesk for mint
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This app creates a Freshdesk ticket for every review of your app in the Google Playstore
OAPPS for Instagram Comments
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View and reply to Instagram comments from Freshdesk.
Youtube - Freshdesk for Mint
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This app enables you to receive, view and respond to youtube comments from within Freshdesk.
Trustpilot - Freshdesk for Mint
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Automatically create Freshdesk tickets for every review of your product/service on Trustpilot.
App Review Monitor
Respond to iOS, Android & Amazon reviews in Freshdesk. Save time & optimize support workflows. Omnichannel Omnichannel brings all message requests from messaging apps and social networks into Freshdesk interface.
Set Twitter Handle
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Set Twitter Handle lets you assign a Twitter handle of your choice to reply to tweets from Freshdesk
8x8 Chat Apps
Connect all your Chat Apps channels to Freshdesk
Line channel for Freshdesk powered by Engagely
Integrate chat and voice interfaces of Engagely with Line bot on Freshdesk using conversational AI
WhatsApp Web for FreshDesk
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Send and Receive WhatsApp messages of your customers in FreshDesk Tickets
OAPPS WhatsApp Web
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Scale your WhatsApp support channel with our FreshDesk integration
Google My Business
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Integrate and reply to your Google Business Reviews and Questions from Freshdesk
Twilio SMS Tickets
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Send & Receive Twilio SMS messages as freshdesk tickets.
Telegram Sync
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Create tickets from messages sent to your Telegram bot, and send your agent replies back through it.
WeChat by 8x8
Connect WeChat and all your other Chat Apps channels to Freshdesk