User & Access Management
Google Contacts
Access and manage your requester information and contact details across all your Google accounts in your helpdesk
Hide/Disable Ticket Fields
This app enables you to hide and/or disable selected ticket fields for specified agents.
Credit Card & Social Security Number Masker
Hide sensitive data such as credit card numbers or US social security numbers in Freshdesk tickets.
NoPassword is a SSO integration for Freshdesk.
SAASPASS Multi-Factor Authentication & SSO
SAASPASS is a Multi-Factor Authentication, Single Sign-on and Enterprise Password Manager being a comprehensive full-stack Identity and Access Management solution on the market.
Microsoft Azure Active Directory
Manage user access and enable single sign-on for Freshdesk using Microsoft Azure Active Directory
CA Identity Service
CA Identity Service enables secure and rapid adoption of Freshdesk by providing predefined standards-based Single Sign-On.
Jump Cloud
Enable a single sign-on feature for Freshdesk and other web applications.
Set up two-factor authentication for Freshdesk SSO.
Freshdesk's integration with OneLogin enables you to take complete control over application access, create and enforce security policies, and add a second factor of authentication.
miniOrange provides secure access to Freshdesk for enterprises and enables full control over access of application.