Assets & Incident Management
Asset Label Designer
Print customizable barcode labels for your assets to improve asset tracking and increase productivity
Never miss a ticket with this incident management system by integrating Pagerduty with Freshservice.
Amazon Web Services
Integrating AWS with Freshservice makes storing and managing all your virtual assets, servers and databases easier.
Sync your macOS, iOS and tvOS devices that are managed in Jamf Pro to Freshservice asset management.
Chrome OS device discovery
The ChromeOS device discovery app lets you sync your ChromeOS device information into your Freshservice asset management module.
Freshdesk App for Freshservice
Easily transfer customer support issues into your servicedesk that needs attention by the internal teams such as devs, process owners, admins etc.
AWS CloudWatch
Convert AWS CloudWatch alarms to tickets in Freshservice by installing this app.
Impacted Assets
Application "Impacted Assets" provides unified view on the primary impacted assets along with the dependencies on change ticket.
IT Asset Management by Oomnitza
Oomnitza for Freshservice enables you to see rich asset information from Freshservice.