Bots & Workflows
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Improve collaboration between your agents and internal teams through real time Slack notifications
Office 365
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The Office 365 app for Freshdesk allows you to change ticket priority, assign agents, update ticket status, and open Freshdesk ticket right from your Outlook account without logging into Freshdesk.
Auto Ticket Merger
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This app automatically merges tickets created by the same customer during a certain time span.
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Asana helps you create a task from a Freshdesk ticket into Asana for easier tracking and follow-up.
Google Hangouts Chat
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Receive notifications in Google Hangouts Chat whenever there's an update on the tickets you are assigned to.
QR codes for tickets
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Quickly access tickets from your mobile browser without having to copy-paste or remember links.
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Create powerful workflows and get more done with 'smart', shared task lists.
Zingtree Agent Scripting with Instant Notes
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Add Agent Script Decision Trees to guide agents to solutions and create ticket notes in one click.
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Installing the Flock app for Freshdesk would notify you in Flock every time a ticket or a contact is created or updated
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The Slack app on Freshservice helps you raise tickets, resolve issues and get alerts on Slack.
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Automatically convert Yammer posts into tickets or ticket notes by integrating Yammer with Freshservice.
Smartsheet - Orch
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Perform operations on Smartsheet users, groups, sheets, rows,comments and manage users usage info .
Jumpcloud - Orch
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Perform Operations on User and Groups
Enable end-to-end automation of various workflows with the Freshservice-Tonkean integration.
Powershell - Orch
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Execute powershell commands on a remote Windows machine.
Box - Orch
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Perform operations on Box users, groups, files, and folders and manage Box usage in Freshservice
Google Sheets - Orch
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Perform operations on Google sheets and spreadsheets.
Servicebot for Slack
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Provide instant resolution for your users and stay on top of your service desk with Servicebot
Calendly for Freshchat
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Calendly for Freshchat helps schedule meetings during a conversation.
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Empower agents to answer customer queries using knowledge Management within Freshchat
MindBehind gives you a perfect solution to bring together live chat agents and chatbots on Freshchat
Guru (
Guru for Freshchat intelligently delivers AI-powered knowledge recommendations to your agents
Omilia Conversational AI Self-Service
Conversational AI Self-Service omnichannel in Speech/Text automation for customer call centers
Email Transcript
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Send the conversation transcript via email to customers and agents
Webhook Extender
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Forward Freshchat product webhook events to up to 5 endpoints.
Telegram for Freshchat
Connect Freshchat to your company's Telegram bot for seamless customer support integration.
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Karen is the simplest scheduling bot