CRM, Sales & Marketing
Mailchimp app solves all your mailing and managing troubles by bringing them inside your Freshdesk account
View your customers' complete information stored in Freshsales without moving out of Freshdesk. Install this app to enable highly synergetic workflows between your sales and customer support teams.
This app lets you bring in all the details and info about your customers that you have in your Salesforce CRM, into your Freshdesk account for ease-of-use.
Zoho CRM
Installing the Zoho CRM app for your Freshdesk will let you handle all your sales and support related troubles from the comfort of your helpdesk.
Hubspot CRM
Integrating Hubspot with Freshdesk enables you to keep your support and sales teams up to date.
View customer information from Pipedrive within Freshdesk and provide personalized customer service
Infusionsoft CRM
Integrate Infusionsoft with Freshdesk to view relevant details about customers inside Freshdesk.
Salesforce Plus
Integrating Salesforce Plus with Freshdesk enables you to view customer information from Salesforce on your Freshdesk ticket and vice versa. You can also sync contact and account information between Salesforce and Freshdesk.
Metorik offers a free 2-way integration with Freshdesk. This app pulls in customer and guest data from Metorik into Freshdesk so you can get a better understanding of the customer you're talking to, including their profile, LTV, orders, and more.
Integrating Salesforce with Freshservice will easily let you share data between your sales team and your IT service desk.
Contact information from SugarCRM can be viewed in Freshservice.
View your customers' complete information stored in Freshsales without moving out of Freshservice. Install this app to enable highly synergetic workflows between your sales and service teams.
Customer Satisfaction, NPS & Customer Effort Score survey for Freshservice
Dynamics 365 / Freshservice CRM Integration
Quickly integrate Freshservice with Dynamics 365 using Recursyv Seamless to power data syncing.
Moose for Freshservice portal
Make your Freshservice portal look modern and easy to customize
Pipeliner CRM
Pipeliner-Freshservice integration empowers agents to sync user data and configure flexible workflows.
Agile CRM Integration
Access your Agile CRM customer data within Freshservice to provide personalized customer service.
By syncing SharpSpring and Freshservice through Zapier, customers leverage the best of both platforms by utilizing a full-featured marketing automation platform to monitor their marketing efforts while fulfilling IT support tickets.
Extend support to your leads and contacts from within Freshsales by integrating with Freshdesk.
Sync marketing leads from Mailchimp with your Freshsales leads or contacts.
Sync marketing contacts from Hubspot with your Freshsales leads and contacts
Access the events tracked from your web or mobile apps using Segment libraries in Freshsales.
Magento 2
Check your Lead/Contact orders from your Magento 2 store directly inside Freshsales.
Create in-app integrations using our platform, designed for both developers and non-developers.
Smatbot AI
AI chatbot that accelerates lead generation and seamlessly pushes leads to Freshsales.
Enable end-to-end automation of any Sales workflow with the Freshsales-Tonkean integration.
PrompterAI is a virtual assistant that automates your meeting preparation work. It does all the googling and searching for you, decides what's relevant, and emails a perfect briefing with LinkedIn profiles, news, conversations, notes and much more.
Streamline your sales and marketing efforts directly from Freshchat with Klayvio.
PipelineDeals CRM
View key details about your PipelineDeals customers directly from Freshchat with this integration.
Highrise CRM
Highrise gets you the key details about your customers inside your helpdesk.
Omnistar Affiliate Software
Support all your affiliates easily via Freshchat from the affiliate signup page and user dashboard.
Constant Contact
Manage your Constant Contact mailing lists & campaigns directly from Freshchat with this integration
Improve customer communication with complete details of customer from Solve CRM inside Freshchat.
Nimble CRM
The Nimble-Freshchat integration lets you access Nimble customer data inside your Freshchat inbox.
Manage iContact mailing lists, contacts and campaigns inside your Freshchat inbox.
Integrate virtual agents directly inside Freshchat, to handle routine work and tasks, enabling service experts to focus on complex cases.