Data Sync & Migration
Migrate from Zendesk App
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This tool helps you migrate all your support tickets, conversations and more from your Zendesk account to Freshdesk with ease
Gmail Migration App
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This tool helps you seamlessly migrate your emails from Gmail and provides agents the context they need without having to manually forward older threads to the helpdesk.
Export Customer Profile
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Exports all information about a particular customer in a downloadable CSV file.
Microsoft Outlook Contacts
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Installing the Microsoft Outlook Contacts app will help you to easily synchronize contacts between your Outlook and Freshdesk account.
Sync conversation fields
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Sync ticket fields and their dropdown values from Freshchat to Freshdesk with this integration.
Intercom Integration
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Intercom for Freshdesk allows your agents to provide contextual support to your customers.
iFrame It
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Bring external admin portals into Freshdesk easily with iFrame It. iFrame will load in the sidebar.
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Manage iContact mailing lists, contact information and campaigns inside your Freshdesk account
FullContact 2.0
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With FullContact, syncing of your existing contacts and updating them is just a click away
Google contacts sync
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Access and manage your requester information and contact details across all your Google accounts in your Freshservice account.
Warranty sync for Dell
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Keep your hardware inventory warranties up to date with the "Warranty sync" app for Dell.
Sync requester fields with ticket fields
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This app helps to keep the requester fields and ticket fields in sync.
AlertFind Data Import Connector
Make data import a breeze, with the AlertFind-Freshservice Connector.
Flatly for Freshservice
Auto-export Freshservice data to Google Sheets, Excel Online and CSVs in Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, etc.
SyncSpider Freshservice
SyncSpider will synchronize Freshservice data with different sources in real-time
Dynamics 365 / Freshservice CRM Integration
Quickly integrate Freshservice with Dynamics 365 using Recursyv Seamless to power data syncing.
Cloud Elements
Integrate Freshservice with Cloud elements to integrate and manage all your APIs.
Help Desk Migration | Migration to Freshservice
Help Desk Migration is the easiest tool to migrate your data from many different help desk systems to Freshservice. Migrate: Tickets, Contacts. Agents, Attachments, etc.
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Extend support to your leads and contacts from within Freshsales by integrating with Freshdesk.
Freshsales Mailchimp
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Sync marketing leads from Mailchimp with your Freshsales leads or contacts.
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Sync marketing contacts from Hubspot with your Freshsales leads and contacts
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Access the events tracked from your web or mobile apps using Segment libraries in Freshsales.
Google Contacts
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Import your Google contacts into Freshsales as Leads or contacts
Flatly for Freshsales
Auto-export Freshsales data to Google Sheets, Excel Online and CSVs in Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, etc.
Integrate Freshsales with 150+ marketing, sales and events platforms and automate workflows across your applications.
SyncSpider Freshsales
SyncSpider syncs Freshsales contacts, product details, and tasks with different sources in real-time
Create your customized scenario with Integromat. Automate repetitive tasks involved in using Freshsales and make your work easier.