Reporting & Analytics
Google Analytics
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Harness the power of Google Analytics to understand what customers are looking for in your support portal, which solution articles get the most traffic and improve customer service
Agent Ticket Tracker
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Agent Ticket Tracker for Freshdesk generates graphs to analyze the status of tickets in Freshdesk.
AHT Plus
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Calculate the Average Handling Time of tickets by agents in Freshdesk.
Parent Child Field Sync
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The Parent Child Field Sync app helps sync fields between parent and child tickets in Freshdesk.
GDPR Assistant
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GDPR Assistant will help you keep the data in your Freshdesk account GDPR compliant!
Ticket Timer
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Ticket Timer allows you to automatically save your time as soon as you answer a ticket.
Moesif API Analytics
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Enable customer success teams to onboard new customers faster and debug integration issues quickly
Get important analytics data for all you Freshdesk ticket as interactive dashboards on Brightgauge.
Grow allows you to visualize your Freshdesk data in an efficient and effective way.
Google Analytics
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This app harnesses the extensive feature set of Google analytics and brings the in-depth info into your service desk.
Centilytics for Freshservice
Immediately solve cloud issues by raising and managing tickets directly from the Centilytics console
Connect Grow to Freshservice to get a 360 view of all activities and data related to your account.
Tableau Reporting on Freshservice
Analytical Tableau add-on to Freshservice Application
Instant search and trend for Freshservice Tickets
Customer Support Managers use Cx MOMENTS Search and Discovery to instantly find and trend customer tickets and interactions related to any specific topics.
Flatly for Freshservice
Auto-export Freshservice data to Google Sheets, Excel Online and CSVs in Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, etc.
Asset Panda
By integrating Freshservice with Asset Panda, any device detected on the customer’s network and its affiliated data such as model number, address, serial number, maintenance records, etc. can be detected by Freshservice and pushed into Asset Panda.
Tickets Analytics and Reporting for FreshService
Cx MOMENTS AI Text Analytics automatically analyses your Freshservice tickets to detect what customer queries drive your IT support activity and help you better prioritise problems to fix or escalate.
Auto ticket tagging for Observer, Dispatcher rules
Cx Moments AI automatically analyses the content of new tickets to tag them in Freshservice and enable automated Observer rules based on rich NLP analytics: route tickets, send self-service replies, etc.
Freshsales Integration with for Professional Services Analytics
Stella Connect
Stella Connect is a software platform that increases agent happiness and supercharges coaching and QA.
Slemma for Freshsales
Slemma is a data visualization software which allows to build automatically updating dashboards on your Freshsales data.
Natero provides a Customer Success solution that works with Freshsales.
Daton - ETL
Use Daton to Extract, Transform and Load Freshsales data to a warehouse and support your analytics
Tealium for Freshsales
Tealium allows you to take action on your visitors in real-time based on their behavior.
Timely for Freshsales
Track the time spent on customer support in Freshsales with automatic time tracking from Timely.
ChurnZero for Freshsales
ChurnZero is a real-time Customer Success solution that helps subscription businesses fight churn.
Customer Satisfaction, NPS & Customer Effort Score survey for Freshsales